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My trip 2 GamesCom 2009


The Trip

I have to say I love that Germany has some roads that have no speed limits but they are not as well serviced as the roads in Holland. So after a 3 hour ride because of traffic and I missed a exit near Cologne. This is all due to TomTom and the fast battery reduction of my iphone, I really need to fix my car his cigarette lighter so I can charge my iphone. Also if you live in Germany and have a iphone I wouldn't use TomTom because the exit signs don't match what TomTom says it's going to be.  But I arrived only to find out that Cologne have the same parking hell as in Amsterdam so I had no choice but to put my car in a parking garage.


I would recommend going to GamesCom if you are a games lover like me (don't call me a hardcore gamer) because after standing in line for only 2Min for a ticket I walk right in and apart from the behind
doors games(more on that later) I didn't have to stand in line for any thing else. Also GamesCom has al the necessary facilities and most important was the air-co, it was 33°C/91°F outside so I came prepared with a extra t-shirt but I changed it to it right after I arrived and the walk to the convention hall it was already sweaty, so I was thankful that after seeing the APB in-game trailer that was commented by Mark Rein and a developer of the game I got a new shirt that I wore the rest of the day.  I brought my own drinks and some food but I had to try a German Wörst witch was nice and the price was ok for a convention, also the entrance fee was also low.

The Games I played

Keep in mind I only played some games for just over 5-10 min and some less so this are just my thoughts on those parts of the game and should not be seen as a review ore what ever. 
So the first game I played was Forza 3, I played it with the racing wheel and it's Forza and for me it was a first day purchase anyway and this just confirmed that it looks and drives great. 
Lost Planet 2
. it was the co-op multiplayer against a big ass monster. It looks a lot better then the first one and I hope because of the co-op it will be a little easier as the first one. But I'll wait for the review on that one.
  Tony Hawk Ri
de. Well it was fun but the there is a learning curve and at the end of the demo I still felt it was like shaking a Wii-mote but who knows if you could recreate tricks. Also the Demo was very guided because the game decides for you at certain points where you want to go on how you tip the board and once you made that choice you can not change it. This could be a restraint because of the difficulty settings I didn't ask. But after playing it it didn't make me want to get this game also pricing has a lot to do with that.
DJ Hero. I'm pretty bad at rhythm games so I was not so good at DJ Hero and that was also because the difficulty setting was on normal on easy it wouldn't be any fun because you only will use the buttons and scratching. But when I got in to the rhythm I got better and the few songs they had their where really cool sounding. 

After standing in line for about 10Min I got in to the Playstation booth where I played some MAG, BTW I really want to like this game and I hope they are able to pull it off and have a big enough player base WITH HEADSETS to make this game in to a success. But I was a bit disappointed in MAG because people where owning me left and right and I had no headset and my face was almost in the screen. The game is not the best looking game but I understand that in a fast pace 256 multiplayer game but this is also a game that will not show good on a convention floor because of all the previous mentioned reasons. I really want to get in to the BETA.
God of War III. My first tasted of a God of War game and I like it. The graphics look great it was the E3 demo so you all by now must have seen it. But I'm happy that they are going to rls it next year because I had some issues with the demo all of the technical kind so I won't bore you with it because they will probably fix it all before rls. But I'll wait also on the review before buying it, I want to know how long the game will be and if the game will mix up the gameplay.

Uncharted 2. Well I owned the first one but sold it before finishing because of the some times endless shooting you have to do, that is also do to me failing all the time on those shooting parts. But they have promised a lot with Uncharted 2 and after playing the demo I felt more comfortable with the shooting and it looks really great so if they deliver on all their promises I'll probably end up buying this one 2 and the trophy's will help me finish it, but to be honest I hope the gameplay will be fun enough to do that. 
Heavy Rain. An other game that doesn't show well on a game convention, this game it's all about atmosphere and story and that doesn't get over well on the floor of a convention. But I must say I'm almost sure that I'll get this game and was a bit conflicted if I wanted to play it at all because I didn't want to ruin the story. Well the demo was shot enough that it didn't and it gave me a good view of the gameplay and I don't mind that is in most part a quick time event button presses if the story is cool. Also the possibility for replay makes me excited, even waiting on my turn and then playing it my self have seen different options/mistakes that I made that the previous player did ore did not make have a subtile effect in the gameplay.
Halo ODST. After arriving at gamescom this was the fist lines I smartly did go stand in to play this game because it was long and by chance I walked by it and the lady that was organizing the line had just one spot open for the demo and was asking the people in line if they wanted to go in just when I walked by and I jumpt right in to offer myself and was delighted that I didn't have to wait. 
Well again first day purchase for me and it didn't chance for me after playing the demo, I played the co-op horde mode and it was great I was a bit disappointed that there was no single player demo, but I bet there are a couple of you who really envy me now. I have to say to all the haters Halo was never about pushing the graphics limited but giving people a solid an fun gameplay. So what it doesn't look as great as other titles I don't mind that at all, for me it looks good enough.
Mass Effect 2. Well this was a demo that felt really short also this is a first day purchase. They really changed the the game in the parts where it was under par compared to the first instalment. Aiming is still a dice roll but now because the crosshair has a jitter to it in result will jitter of your target you will except that you missed and can adjust accordingly. Also the graphics are better no more pop in textures and blood gushing out of enemy's all I will say is SWEET....
Wet. I'm not so surprised with this game it was fun and it was one of the more lengthy Demo's at the convention but at no part of the game did I say wow but also I didn't really feel I was wasting my time with it. I don't know how far they are in development but the game has some problems with the control. This is because Miss Wet moves at a fast pace trough levels and can do really great acrobatics still I had some problems doing some wall runs and getting up boxes but those problems can be solved. The other problem I had was that I had to ask twice what to do in a level to progress to the next part. What I liked was killing stuff with the slow-motion acrobatics and the sword play. I really hope they fix the bugs and some of the levels set pieces that needed to be triggered to progress or this will end up being the Stranglehold of 2009.

  Need for speed Shift. Well it looks better than Forza 3 but I will refrain from commenting on the driving because I played is in cockpit view I hate that in a seat that moved and I think the steering wheel that I used sucks balls.
Blur. Well the lack of arcade racing at least on the 360 will probably prompt me to buying the game, it being really fun was also not a bad thing this was also because in the 2 races I played I came in 5th and then second and both of the games I was solidly leading the race. But because of the arcade mechanic it was any ones race but that was balanced out so that the skilled racers will still end up in the top of the scoring board. It was the end of the day so after 2 races I was to tired to continue.
Dark Void. Well I got only 8min with this game and 1 of those minutes was spend looking at load screens. I was really looking forward to playing this game because I was really on the fence on this game. And this Demo didn't really help my choice. I left the demo room with a bad taste from the game and the reason for this was I died a lot and while the game was loading I seen the dude next to me flying with his pack that made me really jealous. But come to think of it this was also in the later part of the day and the short time I spend with the game and my high hopes at reaching the part of the demo where you can fly made me really pissed. So I can't say really much about it.

Trailers and games that are now on my radar


APB. Although I'm not a PC gamer this game can be really great, but I really hope that 1. Not everyone will play as the bad guy 2. it will come to consoles, I'm 90% sure it's not coming but their is no harm in hoping. Also after talking to the developer and the way he answered my question he is hoping with me that it will come to the consoles but they are developing now only for the pc. His quote was "We are focusing now on Pc in developing and hope later on for a console release". 
Brink. I'm going to write a other blog post in details about this I'll put a link in here when done. Also this is long enough.
Blur and Heavy Rain I didn't expect to like it this much...