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A Waste of Money: My Brief Personal Experience with Demon's Souls

(This was originally gonna be a list entry, but it dragged on so I just posted it as a blog).

I got caught in this game's hype. I didn't go far enough to order it from Japan or the US, I stayed pretty patient, and when the European version was announced, the Black Phantom Edition, I saw that my chance had finally come. I pre-ordered it, a week before I went on holiday, and didn't start playing it until after the summer. I barely played that much, in total about 5-6 hours.

But the real bomb dropped when Dark Souls came out a year later, and made even bigger waves. With every aspect improved in Dark Souls, Demon's Souls became obsolete literally overnight, and I had hardly gotten my money's worth out of it. I'll still play it someday but sadly without being part of the zeitgeist that helped make it a great game.