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Can you get passed the gimmick? 0

Wanted is a decent looking shooter that borrows elements from both Max Payne and Gears of War, but is the "hook" enough to make this more than just another movie licensed game? You follow the exploits of Wesley chasing after The Immortal in this rather "by the numbers" third person shooter.  The story isn't tied to the movie, it's more of an extension.  You learn more about Wesley's mother and father and how his mother is killed.  The main villian is The Immortal voiced by and modelled after ...

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Does UFC's resurgance into video game get Flash KO'd? 1

 If you were just walking by and got just a glance,  you could swear that a live UFC event was in progress on your tv.  The authenticity is incredible.  Any true UFC fan needs to pick up this game.   The controls are a mixed bag when it comes to complexity.  The stand up is pretty straight forward, with face buttons corresponding with left and right punches and kicks.  Left trigger modifies the attack to low attacks to the legs/body.  Right bumper and trigger block high and low respectively. Th...

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Wishing for Episode 2 0

This game is excellent fun. Nice graphics, great physics, and engaging storyline. It has two main problems. First off, its way too short. However, it is a budget title, and offers plenty of gameplay for $20. Also there is no multiplayer for the source engine game. They bundled the multiplayer of the orginal, but would have rather had the new version have the multiplayer. Ritual recently released a patch, which adds a new mode, Arena. This uses the skill monitor the game has to increase or decrea...

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Diamond in the Rough of Summer 06 0

Remember Dawn of the Dead? Nothing like the American past-time of the mall being filled with flesh-eating zombies. It is clear that the base of Dead Rising is inspired by this great film. However, the folks at Capcom do put their own little twist to it.You are Frank West, a photo journalist trying to get a scoop. I would go on, I don't want to give anything away, and you've probably already seen the basis story.Now on to the 'meat', pun intended. There are zombies everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHE...

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