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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Games I've Broken

Let's see if I remember to add to this list. I have a talent for breaking games. Makes me a good tester, but it also makes me a harsh critic who pushes for robust design.

List items

  • From what I hear, it wasn't too easy NOT to break this. Managed to see some crazy, non-sequitur cutscenes that I later learned had popped up because I had done things in an order the creators weren't expecting. Happens a lot to me.

  • Maybe the busted save that put me way back in a level was on purpose, but I doubt it.

  • Trap a fleeing hero and you might get an endless turn. Also, ally with an AI with which you share can share victory, then have them trap a non-vital remnant force of the last remaining enemy somewhere, then see how long it takes for them to actually attack (read: as far as I know, at least with this particular AI's behavioral pattern, they never will).

  • Many of the quests are designed to be completed before you complete all four of the regional championships. I put a lot of them off, and then had quests that wouldn't activate or, when completed, wouldn't acknowledge I would complete them and reward me. Was especially bitter when I lost a character to the brutal, high-level version of the save-the-Galdr quest which should have opened up another quest, but which instead unceremoniously ignored my accomplishment.

  • In the expansion tower I used a door-closing technique to limit my exposure to some tough enemies. The door got stuck, and somehow one of those enemies disappeared from the map, making further progress impossible.

  • Discovered the wrap-around warping feature for the tanks. Was tricky but a dynamite way to surprise your enemy. Was so fun I considered it a feature.

  • In that race where you touch numbers with your wheelchair-looking vehicle, if you hit the number 4 just right, you would both crash into it AND get the points, repeatedly, rapid-fire, until you hit the max points and won. The race for us was to reach a four before the other and do this trick. Again, this was a feature for us :)

  • Even a solid indie game will have little weird problems. I found out one with the springboard, another when getting thrown into a wall by yetis, another still just landing on a wall wrong and basically becoming invisible to the bad guys.

  • Got stuck in a wall a few times, but nothing too huge.

  • Fell through walls, mainly.

  • Well... I mean... You know.

  • Enjoying this game a lot, but sometimes I glitch the guy out when I jump in weird places.

  • I think I did something in the wrong order. People started talking in code. It was like I had taken the red pill.

  • *kick*

  • All of my save games in my original install detailed all the bugs I'd found in this otherwise stellar, atmospheric game. Glitches galore, but I never cared.

  • I think we managed to get stuck all of ONCE, to where the cowboy was endlessly walking backwards.

  • Some of my biggest gamebreakers were in this game. One was where I found the head of a king that had to be returned to his grave, only it stacked with normal skulls, destroying its special properties and making the quest impossible. Another had me witnessing a magic arrow kill a major character in one of the most dangerous dimensions who was supposed to give me vital main quest information. I guess this sort of stuff happens when you have such a crazy-complex game. Otherwise, I loved the hell out of it.

  • I wouldn't say broken, but the butt bounce was pretty neat.

  • Just one non-repeatable bug where I messed up some slides in an arboretum. Otherwise a solid adventure game.

  • It was sort of my task to break it :)

  • In one of the last side missions, I managed to go through the ground of the world by loading my truck with too many gold ingots. Awesome :)

  • Love this game. Still, I managed to make it act a bit weird at times with some (now well-known, I think) issues involving automated routes.

  • Leave characters you're not going to use dead rather than resurrecting them. During the final battle when they rush to your side, they'll have weird colors. I liked to imagine they were friends of the deceased :)

  • In the hellish subway level, I managed to make the camera stop and look at the first flashing lights it warns you about THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE LEVEL. It actually zooms up to warn me about a new obstacle, then zooms ALL THE WAY BACK to show the flashing lights again while poor Trane gets pummeled by shit he can see but I can't. That fucking level takes forever to load and is punishing as hell. Fucking evil.

  • What can I say? I like to crawl on rocks! I actually fell through the world once, deep into Alderaan, watching the whole world ascend. Was pretty awesome. Yes, I died.

  • Do NOT get knocked out in the freakshow. What holds true in real life also holds true in this game.

  • Typical! I happen to pick as my origin the Low Dwarf or whatever, then within a few minutes of starting I found a hole in the walkable area in the underground, and wound up spending my first ten minutes of play floating over a massive lava pit, listening to conversations I wasn't supposed to hear triggering distantly above me. It was fucking awesome.

  • Is it a design thing or just a bug that I went back to get a collectible squishy bit after reaching a save point then return to that save point, die, and lose all progress grabbing the squishy bit? Gar.

  • The truck's window blocked his brain frying powers, but looking at him stopped his sneaky moving around. I could have stared him down forever, I guess, but I just switched it off. Woot, I win.

  • Picking on the little guy? Maybe. I get a bit adversarial with long slow puzzles that force resets, especially when the problem had more to do with a creature not fully disappearing when it should, blocking the movement of a brick needed to finish a level.