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I guess it's sunk cost. No need to torture myself over what are effectively phantasms.

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Games which trigger my rage gene

With everyone a bit weary over the mindless, screaming debates of late, I thought I'd commemorate a bit of my personal gaming rage in a short list of games that make me go a bit crazy.

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  • If you have an adventure portion of a game, try not to make getting through it be a bunch of boring training matches that have nearly impossible button combos as an obstacle to victory.

    And please, please have some sort of way for people, who happen to leave the game behind for a while, to figure out what they need to do next. I mean, really. The scenery was beautiful, but damn, guys. Also, give me something else to do with the coins. Oh, sorry, koins.

    This game is STILL fun despite my griping, tho'

  • I guess rage is a misnomer, but the way this game trails off into the game play equivalent of crazy mumbling is one of the biggest, most laughable disappointments I've ever had in a game (although Bullfrog's tendency to end its games with a black screen was certainly up there).

    For a game touted to be every bit as awesome as its predecessor, I thought it would be awesome to try this baby out even if I missed my chance to pick up the original. The start was great, the middle had a weird bug or two and strange characters who pop up from nowhere-- and then suddenly I'm walking through nearly empty halls on my way to a strange, weak ending.

    If I were to blame a single person for my disappointment, though, it would have to be a reviewer I normally respect quite a bit. His Gamespot review of this title did not mention how the game trails off AT ALL. I bought it trusting him, and found out the hard way to check many resources when searching for a game.

  • If you're going to have save points, let them be reliable. Please. I don't want to go exploring a place, trying to find all the little pickups you've scattered throughout the environment, only to find when I pull a Mario and splat far down below, that I have to repeat old sections again.

    I admired what they did with this game, taking as much from the old cartoon as it did, but sometimes it helps to make things a BIT more on the rails, like Prince of Persia. Most of the game play wasn't enough of a problem for the rage stuff, just the saves.

  • This may be a bit confusing for some people to see this here. I thought a lot of the levels were too long, pieced together from prior level building blocks. That didn't enrage me, though.

    It was the final level. Meant to be cinematic and climactic, it was basically like building up the game as a FPS, then sticking you in what amounts to be a poorly controlled arcade sequence that doesn't let you know until the end whether or not you were fast enough. I think I actually bricked my controller off the ground at one point.

    I can't even go back to this game anymore, considering the improvements of 2.

  • Nothing, I don't think, has made me angrier than fucking Super Mario Bros. games. One eye-twitchingly specific incident was in Super Mario Sunshine, one of the levels with all the playful wooden blocks floating around. One miss, you die, you start the level over, fuck you, thanks for playing.

    Right now I'm trying to clear Super Mario Bros. 3. Last castle and everything. You explore by dying sometimes, especially if you have one hit left. Gets to be a bit tedious. People knock old adventure games for this sort of "find-out-by-dying" attitude, but at least THEY let you save anywhere. It doesn't help that I have the Game Boy version, where Mario and Luigi say "Oh, Mama mia!" every damned time they die.

  • Meat Circus was just part of it. 3D platformers...

  • In the grand scheme of things, this was relatively minor. As much as I think escort missions are OK if properly implemented, getting one toward the tail end was a bit of a bummer, and being a bit protective I had to keep doing it over and over until I didn't lose a single Little Sister. Something about seeing a little kid get killed that annoys me for some reason.

  • Maybe I shouldn't have started playing in 1999 mode? I beat it, but if I were in a manga I would often have a "#" on my forehead while playing.