Older Games with Cool Manuals or Extras

As much as I understand why comprehensive or entertaining manuals are rare now, I still miss them.  
For information on Infocom's Feelies:  
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List items

  • My number one favorite manual. Plenty of information, both historical and mythical, as well as detailed descriptions of saints and weapon stats, and a great design essay in the back. Can't overstate my love for this manual.

  • Nice rules descriptions, plenty of Pip Boy, plenty of atmosphere.

  • Or so I've been told.

  • Infocom loved putting a bunch of crazy junk in their game boxes, called "feelies." Wikipedia says this particular one had: "A pamphlet entitled You're ready to move! from the fictional bank Fillmore Fiduciary Trust, a flier advertising the fictional magazine Popular Paranoia, a welcome letter from the player's new employer, Happitec Corporation, a Fillmore "Better Beezer" credit card application form (each sheet of the triplicate carbon copy form had different instructions and questions), and a very skinny pencil (similar to those provided at banks)."

  • I realize this isn't very Zork, let alone Infocom, but it came with a really neat manual that helped get you in the mood.

  • It's great when any mechanics-heavy game is willing to talk about its basic system in detail. Both KOTOR manuals were top-notch.