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Sexiest Robot Eyes, Ordered

Robot eyes are always sexy. Don't deny it. They can *see* things that you and I can only dream of. As a window to the soul these eyes say, "I'm a machine, if you know what I mean." This is an ordered list of the sexiest robot eyes in games as I become aware of them.

List items

  • I'll admit, I didn't look at the eyes at first. Why she has robot eyes is never explained in the fiction, but I'm betting it has something to do with Magellan. Or Marco Polo. Or Columbus. Or odd unresolved specular highlight rendering artifacts.

    It doesn't matter why. Hot.

  • Ask about her, "Orgia Mode," but be ready for a breakdown after. A robot in more that just her eyes, she's key to the Persona 3 plot, and data-ble in Persona 3: FES. Make sure to wear a grounding strap, son. (Thanks to supermike6)

  • He's got Martin Sheen's voice on Charlie Sheen's body and the most kick-ass office in the explored universe. The strings get pulled only after his steely robot eyes survey the situation.

  • Puppy dogs and human children have eyes disproportionately large for their heads and bodies. Disney noticed this sixty years ago, as did the entire island nation of Japan. EVE might lack the resolve and strength of the Illusive Man or Chloe's assassinating figure, but it's cute. You know, Betty to Chloe's Veronica.

  • He's fully functional, and programmed in multiple techniques. Also, kind of a pale goth thing that works for me. Also, all robots are female. Little known fact.