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Best of 2009

alsnuts2: Best of 2009

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  • Before this game came out I was first in line to shit all over this game. Seriously, I camped out for 2 days infront of my Walmart because thats where I get all my other shit so it just seemed like the natural place to shit all over something. Then when reviews, not unlike the ones on this website, would not shut up about how amazing it was I downloaded the demo and bought it the same day and have played through it twice.

  • Another PS3 entry on my list. I loved it because I dont remember a game that made me feel like a bigger superhero badass. A nice escape from being the huge coward that I am.

  • Liked the first one Loved this one. I can sum it up by saying Train Level and Trucks-in-the-snow level.

  • Its the perfect blend of fun to play and infuriatingly addictive.

  • This place goes specifically to Ballad of Gay Tony. GTA4 was great, but this is what I wanted all along from Rockstar.

  • I dont play much online mulitplayer (Xbox Live is a bit too "Racist-ie and "Jam-packed with dick-holes" for my taste) otherwise I am sure this one would be much higher on my list. But wow does the single-player pack a punch.

  • Played through it once over the first 3 days I had it, enjoyed myself, then threw it into the fire cause I don't see any situation where I will ever play it again.

  • See: #7 ^^

  • When I sat down to think of the 10 favorite games I played this year I kept thinking about P4... Problem being, of course, I never played this game. I was such an Endurance Run addict (I seriously still go back and watch old episodes like old TV shows on DVD) that I had to put it on the list.

  • The game was totally decent..... The last Boss fight however might be the highlight of my entire life, Gaming life and otherwise. If you hate games, and dont want to buy it, you absolutely still have to go watch the last boss fight on youtube or something.