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Without a pulse 0

I only discovered my love for tactics-heavy games recently; Sniper Elite V2 looked then appeared to be the perfect game to satisfy my niche obsession.It looks surprisingly pretty — most likely due to the mix of texture-detail and lighting. My first impressions were further strengthened by the tutorial missions. Right off the gate, I was taught to booby-trap an enemy soldier's body with a land mine — killing any curious Nazi. The game was going well until I realized how linear it real...

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What a waste of goodness 0

CellFactor: Revolution is possibly the best game that has been pushed and locked away in the dark. I would not be saying this if it costed anything more than $10. The game is just put down because hardly anyone has the intelligence to buy a good CPU or where against purchasing a PPU. Really I average around 30fps with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 and a GeForce 8600 GTS, no PPU. Though now I do have a 9800 GTX but I have not been able to test because the game refuses to load with the current Nvidia ...

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Major wasted potential yet very fun 0

The demo was really what worked me up about this game. In the demo it did not show any flaws but a demonstration of how annoying the time limit can be. So just because I thought it was a minor thing I went out and bought it. The Good: Graphics are great, blood and gore feels right, crazy storyline, sound effects match exactly what you are doing, cars that can run over lots of zombies, bizarre cutscenes, bosses are scary and the zombies act like they are zombies. The Bad: Save system is very an...

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