Best of 2010

Now I just want to say that despite owning some games that should probably be on this list (Mass Effect 2, Darksiders, etc.) I haven't gotten around to playing them, and as such they were excluded.

List items

  • This was my big shooter of the year. I loved the single player campaign and it took a lot to make me quit the multiplayer (mainly my backlog of unplayed games). I <3 DICE.

  • Despite its flaws, I loved every second of Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. Between the awesome visual style, the protagonists that I don't know if I should love or hate, and the multiplayer that is unlike anything else that's out there, this game has me hooked.

  • I love the previous S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, so releasing a version that is not only refined and beautiful but actually stable made me weep with joy. Manly weeping of course.

  • I bought this game on a whim and then spent the next 8 straight hours playing it. Great music, an interesting premise, fun tactics and just the right amount of quirk puts this game on my top ten of 2010.

  • The single player campaign is so good that it alone puts SC2 on my top ten list of 2010. I honestly haven't touched the multiplayer, and don't care to either. Starcraft 2 delivered everything I wanted it to.

  • Played it on PC, so it did come out in 2010. Despite the fact that there were some aspects of the game I really didn't care for (its called Assassin's Creed, not Assassin's Bank and Loan) this game just blew me away. I would get home from work, load up AC2 and then suddenly I've missed dinner. WTF?

  • I cursed this games existence every second that I played it. That's the kind of relationship we have. Kiss with a fist.

  • Most fun I've had in a racing game since Burnout Paradise. Has great gameplay that makes you want to play just one more race no matter how late it's getting.

  • Took an awesome formula and made it better. What other game has giant flying ugly robot babies?

  • This game isn't for everyone. I have a couple of friends that I recommended it to who weren't as pleased as I was. I think they, and people like them, just never got a chance to take part in AvA battles. That along with the wicked support this game has had and some awesome PvP and PvE puts it on my list.