awakethefallen: Best of 2009

List items

  • So entertaining that if this were my Favorite Movies of 09 list, Uncharted 2 would be on there as well. Improved gameplay from the first, amazing look graphics for the most part, fun multiplayer. There are so many memorable moments, not only from the characters, storyline and dialog but also from the gameplay (the train, as Brad said, "DUDE!") which is something I can't say about the first game. The game is the best overall package of the year in my opinion.

  • So fun, so simple but so addicting. I'm one of those people who gets frustrated easily with games sometimes and Peggle is my go-to game if I'm pissed off at another game. Just makes you so happy while you're playing it.

  • Many of my favorite moments in gaming this year came from RE5. Yeah, the learning curve of the controls is fairly steep, but I don't feel like it's impossible to figure out the controls. I love the over-the-top ridiculousness of the plot as well.

  • Hands down, for whatever reason this is the most emotional game I've ever played. No, I didn't cry or anything like that while playing but it's rare for a game to make me feel something. Playing flower I felt both awe at the beauty of it, as well as disgust, anger and sadness in the later levels to the point where I had to put the game down.

  • Such a great game, probably the best fine tuned game on this list, knowing exactly what it wants to do and what it wants to be. I will say that looking back at it (this is the reason it's not my game of the year) I struggle to remember more than a handful of really memorable moments, but aside from that, it's a great, solid game.

  • I know most people had this experience with Rock Band 2, but this year was the first year where I really got what it was that these band games are so great at. Most of my family isn't that into games, but I was able to talk everyone into coming over for a Beatles party and it's so much fun to play with a full band and gives you a great appreciation of how it is to be in a band.

  • There was a while there during the beta of 1 vs 100 that I was playing the game, along with my girlfriend, every night. I've fallen off (not having Gold and my 360 red ringing didn't help) but I look back at that period of this year pretty fondly and look forward to playing the game some in the future (though I hear it costs now?).

  • Pre-release of Dragon Age, none of the previews or marketing interested me in the least bit. However, loving BioWare (they're really the only RPG developer who's games I'm still enjoying) I decided to give the game a shot on PS3 and I'm loving it. I'm about 8 hours in with a human warrior, so I'm looking forward to going back through the game as the other classes/races and seeing how it's different.

  • I've always loved capture the flag matches in games and Fat Princesses take on them is just so inventive and fun, that this game had to be on this list. Another game that no matter what happens in it I never get frustrated.

  • I feel like 2009 is the year where Indie developed games really started to come into their own. Not having a PC and missing out on some of the bigger ones there (The Path ect.,) makes me glad this game exists. It's great to see a game being handled maturely, in the way that it's not violent or sexually charged, but is emotional. Caveat to this being, I've only played the demo.