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You should listen to "A Fistful of Pixels"

Hey, hold on a second. I know what you're going to say:

"But Ben, this is shameless self-promotion and I hate that and I also hate fun."

Woah, chill out bro, just wait a second. You haven't even let me make my pitch yet.

A Fistful of Pixels is a little project me and a couple of friends have wanted to start for a while now, and it's finally catching steam. AFOP is a video game podcast, but not in the traditional sense. In our podcast, we take random phrases (sometimes generated by robots, sometimes people) and turn them into awesome video games.

This week we had our first 100% user-submitted episode, with submitees including podcast personality Justin McElroy. Give it a chance, I swear it's super funny. I have been indisposed as of late and haven't been on a couple of episodes, but the guys they've gotten to fill in for me are as funny, if not way less funny (nobody is funnier than me).

You can find it at! Also if you do like it maybe you want to subscribe to it on iTunes and give it a super-honest 5-star review?

Thank you v much.