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An Essential RPG 0

Final Fantasy 3 was the last "numbered" Final Fantasy game on a Nintendo system, and in this gamer's opinion is still the best Final Fantasy in the series. Sure, the graphics aren't on par with Final Fantasy 7's, but the story has yet to be beat. Final Fantasy 3 begins with an Imperial raid on the small mining town of Narshe. Recently unearthed in Narshe was a frozen Esper, a being of magic. With the group of Imperial soldiers is a girl who's memory has been robbed by the slave crown she wears. ...

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A Flawed But Worthwhile Game 0

Advent Rising is not a perfect game. There are big issues with the graphics engine such as poor frame rate in places and some see-through textures, some minor bugs such as staying locked onto a target after it's dead and gone, and some of the cutscene camera work is jerky. If you can't look past those things to see a good game, stop reading now. Advent Rising isn't for you. If, however, you're willing to look past these things you're in for a game with some unique gameplay and a stellar plot by ...

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A Humorous and Original Masterpiece 0

Ah, Earthbound, I have many fond memories of this game. Back when it was new my sister rented it from the local video store, mainly because she's a little strange and the game came in a huge box due to the pack-in strategy guide. At the time I wasn't into RPGs, and this Earthbound thing looked ridiculous: throughout the strategy guide (it never had a proper manual) were clay sculptures of enemies and main characters, and you used slingshots and baseball bats as weapons. I thought "what the hell ...

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A Shooter With Charm 0

Alien Hominid is a stylish little side-scroller shooter which found it's way from a flash game on New Grounds to a home on consoles. The best way to describe Alien Hominid is Metal Slug meets Contra meets Invader Zim. Graphics are entirely hand drawn by Dan Paladin whose style is somewhat akin to Jhonen Vasquez. I mention graphics first because that's what most people will notice, this ain't a typical shooter! Most of the elements of a normal shooter are here, powerful guns, loads of enemies, an...

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