Pour one out for my homie, Scary Larry.
Pour one out for my homie, Scary Larry.
Oh hey, Gamepro picked up that Sega Blog story I wrote. Sure, they are the bottom rung on the "big professional videogame media" ladder, but at least its ON the ladder, right?

Man, thinking about Gamepro reminds me it was them who got me in to reading videogame magazines way back in the day. They had a huge, two-part Sonic the Hedgehog 3 strategy guide a month before the game came out or whatever, and I memorized every level in the game. I knew where every Special Stage entrance was and could have all the Chaos Emeralds by the third level. I never did that with any other game before.

Eventually I was like "oh yeah, there's a whole other magazine in here, maybe I should read it". And then I kinda grew up, and Gamepro didn't. Funny how that works.