Reviews and other such nonsense

'Sup. I probably should have posted about this earlier, but I forgot. New text review! Mario & Sonic Winter Olympics for the DS. Hoo-yah. If you want a little sampler, have at it:

But the real meat of Mario & Sonic, one would think, is the all-new “Adventure Tours” mode, replacing “Mission Mode” from the original Mario & Sonic game. Adventure Tours is a full-fledged story mode for the game, taking Mario and Sonic through a variety of imaginary Vancouver locales as they chase down Dr. Eggman and Bowser, who have sabotaged the Vancouver Olympics in order to start their own evil version of the Winter games. Given that the bulk of one’s playtime would presumably be spent playing a story mode like this, “Adventure Tours” is listed as the third item on the game’s main menu – under both the Single and Multiplayer modes. It only takes ten minutes to see why, exactly, a design decision like this was made.

While on the subject of reviews, I've decided to open a "channel" for my video reviews.
I've actually considered getting a separate Youtube channel for quite some time now, but Blip offers a lot of the "partnership" options Youtube does without having to wait months (or years) trying to qualify. On top of that, Blip also lets you do all kinds of cool stuff like subscribe to my channel through iTunes and various other services, so really, it's fun times for all. I'll still be posting my video reviews on Youtube, though, because I don't want to be "one of those people" - but I think the primary version that I embed here in my blog and whatever else will be the version.  Tell your friends!
So yeah. Thursday (tomorrow, as of writing this) will mark one week since the deadline for the Gametrailers "User BOO-vie" ended. They still haven't announced the winners. There's this constant feeling of "What If" in the back of my mind that is driving me absolutely bananas. What if I lost? What if I won? What if I won and they can't contact me about winning? I don't know, man! It's all crazy! Augh!