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It`s not worth it in the end, or... is it?

Hello duders, I have another late blog, this time I kinda need your advice, in all seriousness. Well, if you didn`t already know, i`m in a band, it`s a rock/ rap rock band, pretty sweet, actually, as silly as it sounds, we are actually trying to do all the genres, country, pop, R&B, rap, heavy metal, yeah, sounds pretty wierd, but that`s just how our style is. But anyway`s, I have a really bad problem, well, one of my good friends want`s to " change up " some of our material, first lemme point out that we haven`t even recorded ONE song yet, so it`s pretty pathetic, we`re actually planing to record 9th grade, we`ve planned this since 7th, so, that plan is going well so far I guess, but back to the point, he`s trying to make our lyrics " inspirational ", now, i`m not saying that`s a bad thing, but i`m not necessarily saying that it`s a good thing, he also doesn`t want us to curse, ( AKA, swearing, "cussing" ) and i`m sorry, but that`s just lame, I mean, seriously? i`m trying to be real in my songs, and you don`t want me to express my anger? that`s fucked up, but anyways, his excuse is " if the principle finds out we rap like that, they wont look at us the same way " or " we might fuck up the world with music like that ". I could just start making a whole epic rant about how this is a really stupid excuse, but I prefer to not make you read my bullshit.
So, what i`m asking basically, should I just let him push me and my dreams like that? I mean, I DO have a beat maker, and a microphone, but I don`t wanna lose a friend, I mean, I know it`s stupid, and childish, but i`ve always dreamed since I was a little kid to make music, also, I have a few band members who don`t know at all about his idea, so, when we arrive at my buds house to record, suprise, keep your lyrics on a 2nd grade level. The group originally was suppose to be a group about life and it`s struggles, but now that we`re writing " happy go lucky " lyrics, it just really sounds stupid and isn`t my style.
So, giantbomb community, I need your advice, what exactly should I do? I don`t wanna just grab the rest of the band and leave, because that`s a dick thing to do, i`m not like that, but at the same time, I don`t think it`s worth letting him change my musical style just so that he can have a " good " record ( if you don`t know what I mean, I mean so that adult`s don`t see him as a " good kid " ), so please, tell me what I should do
Thanks for reading and...