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Welcome to my narrow, narrow mind.
Welcome to my narrow, narrow mind.
About this wretched infidel.

Alright. What about me? Well, for starters. The name's NJ. Good to meet you to, pal. I'm currently 20 years old. I live in the "ass end of Manhattan, New York", on maps it's called Inwood. I work as a driver for UPS, and as a Lead Story Developer for EA. Is there more to be said to say about me? Yeah, I'm creative, a natural jackass and born with heavy symptoms of becoming an idiot.

If you really need to know more about me, why not just reading them blogs? :D
Further more: My online gaming ID's, for those random people that either wanna have me on their list for the hell of it, or those obsessed friend collectors:
Xbox 360 GT, X-Fire ID and SteamID.