GOTY 2011

Well here it is, my 2011 GOTY list. I kept this list limited to what I've played this year so that explains a few absences here. So if you don't see Saints Row The Third, Ghost Trick, or Skyward Sword that's why. If it makes you feel any better, I am kicking myself in the ass for not getting Saints Row yet.

List items

  • 90 hours, 2 characters, and about 5 or so planned future character builds later and I don't think I will stop any time soon.

  • The most complete Batman experience out there to date. The open world becomes enjoyable once you get past the overwhelmingness of it all, the story is great for fans and newcomers alike, the ending is fucking ballsy, and the side stuff has enough quality and quantity to keep you busy for a long time.

  • The best game of the summer and initially my GOTY until the holiday season kicked in to gear. The atmosphere, the combat, the music, oh god the fucking music, everything about this was better then most big budget games were able to muster this year. This is a game everybody should experience.

  • This didn't have the same magic that Bad Company 2 had but this is still the best competitive shooter this year. It would probably be higher on the list if I had the PC version versus the 360 but what are ya gonna do?

  • It's more of an addiction then a game. Too bad the community is kind of shitty. If you have a bunch of friends that you can play with, or if you just play with the duders from Giant Bomb then you can too fall into the soul sucking addiction that is LoL. Jooooooiiiinnnnn ussssssssss....

  • A game that I need to spend more time with even though my laptop won't let me.

  • I bought this game at the wrong time. I picked it up a week before Skyrim and haven't been able to put in the time it deserves. But man, what I played, just what I wanted from a cyberpunk RPG.

  • I love adventure games. I grew up on Kings Quest, Police Quest, and Manhunter so I was one of the ones sad to see the genre all but dry up and die the past couple gens. So to get to play something that was essentially a modern day Police quest set in one of my favorite genres was a treat. Sure the game has it's problems, but it seemed to rise above them for me. Just lose the "open world" next time so people know what to expect. Also I liked the ending.

  • One of my favorite games ever(Snake Eater) bundled with two games I've been meaning to play forever on a system I actually own puts this right on the list. If only it had a version of MGS1 then it would be damn near perfect.

  • The fact that this makes this list this year is testament to how the formula still works. Though the story takes a huge back seat, especially with last year's Brotherhood delivering one of the year's most maddening of cliffhangers, the campaign is still very enjoyable. And the multiplayer this time around is just phenomenal. Sequel Fatigue is unfortunately beginning to show in the series so hopefully next year they will finally add that fucking 3 and knock our socks off. This is probably my favorite new franchise this gen so please Ubisoft, don't blow it!