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How Day One of School Went...

 Pratt Institute/Freshman "Foundation" Year/08-31-09

So yesterday was my first day of classes. Light and Colour design. Went fairly well. Looking at how it all pans out, it's a 6 hour class. But I'm used to being in one class for a long period, used to be 2 now it's 3. Did some basic exercises with red, blue and yellow colored pencils, nothing out of the ordinary. I look forward to this class as I want to get better with colour, but it requires me buying more supplies. Acrylics, a lot of traditional materials I never used much. Remember, I never attended an all around art high school. However, I should look at it as part of this investment for my education and it'll be nice to have the space to work with other mediums like painting (although I hate painting).  
How'd your first days go?