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Been enjoying Modern Warfare 2. Life is good, school is very good, school is very expesnive. Just trying to stay creative, and playing video games more will perhaps help with that. 
Miss you guys a lot. The crew, all of ya'll. Just saying wassup and checking on how things have been. 
Side notes: 
Wished I played through Mass Effect 1 because II looks awesome. 
Heard Bioshock 2 isn't as good as the original was, as far as initial impact and engrossment. Should I still buy? 
Anyone enjoyed Bayonetta? I was watching that game for a while and forgot about it's January release. 
Hope you didn't forget about me. 
Much love. -Ish =)


How Day One of School Went...

 Pratt Institute/Freshman "Foundation" Year/08-31-09

So yesterday was my first day of classes. Light and Colour design. Went fairly well. Looking at how it all pans out, it's a 6 hour class. But I'm used to being in one class for a long period, used to be 2 now it's 3. Did some basic exercises with red, blue and yellow colored pencils, nothing out of the ordinary. I look forward to this class as I want to get better with colour, but it requires me buying more supplies. Acrylics, a lot of traditional materials I never used much. Remember, I never attended an all around art high school. However, I should look at it as part of this investment for my education and it'll be nice to have the space to work with other mediums like painting (although I hate painting).  
How'd your first days go?   


Going To My First Midnight Game Launch...

So in about a half an hour, I will be at a Gamestop with two of my dad's friends on 7th Ave. in Brooklyn, NY. The occasion? To attend a game launch, my first one at that. Game of the occasion? Madden NFL 10. Yeah, I sucummbed to the Madden hype, but I've never been so excited about any year's Madden more than this one. The demo was great, and I can't wait to get my hands on the full release. Even with rainy weather this should be a fun night. Hopefully I can twitter some of what's going on and stuff. I'll be sure to take pictures. I've been waiting to do one of these for the longest. Should be a blast. 
To get a discussion going, what game/system launches have any of you attended? What was the experience like? 


Stuck in Fallout 3

ALERT! Spoiler Level: Wait...didn't all of you play through it already? :P 
Where the hell is "The Family"?! I've searched the spots northeast of Arefu at night; the Hideaway, the outdoor cinema, and Seneca Station. No sign of them, just random raiders and Rad Scorpions (which might I add take a while to kill). This is the sidequest where you deliver a message to the West family. But I have to find The Family first. Anyone remembers where they are?


Presenting My Short Film: "Departure From a Love" in HD!

Departure From a Love from Ishmael Islam on Vimeo.

Film Description:

A Brooklyn boy writes a love letter of departure for his lady, which in reality is his birthplace and hometown. Upon walking to a mailbox, the young man becomes entranced by her beauty, and embarks on a journey that visualizes how he views his true love and how important she is to his being. Home is where your heart is, and his will always reside in Brooklyn.

Filmmaker's Comment:

My first fully ambitious film project. It began in October 2008, completed in April 2009. Nearly the greatest six months of my life thus far, I mean--I'm only 17, hehe. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. I was so passionate during the process, I lost count of the man hours that was put into this. This project and what it represents is very personal, and I hope you get a feel of that as you watch. Feedback and critique is certainly welcomed. Thank you =D.

Hey everyone, visit the actual Vimeo page to watch it in full HD. Other than that, just been wanting to blog here about something, but I wasn't playing much of anything until the end of last month. Currently, I've gotten into Fallout 3 like I've wanted, great game. Yes, I am aware that I'm months behind. I really need the 60GB hard-drive if I want to get into the DLC, plus I need a bigger drive regardless.  
On the PS3, I rented RE5 from Gamefly. Pretty good. Still at the beginning chapters, but it was something that captured me with RE4 that RE5 doesn't. I have to play it more before I give a full verdict. 
On Thursday night, gonna head out with a couple of my dad's buddies to a Madden 10 midnight launch. Absolutely loved the demo! The gameplay was reminiscent of NFL2K5, just the sheer realism of how it played, and the presentation is definitely beefed up this year. So I'm gonna treat myself to the full release as a little moving in gift as I move into the dorms at Pratt next week. Besides don't all the college kids ever do is play Madden and eat Ramen Noodles? :P 
Catch you folks later. And please if you enjoyed the film, link it to your friends around here and other people. I'm really trying to take this project Sundance far. Thanks for watching and reading. Peace. 

What the Hell Happened to Max?!

These new screenshots for Max Payne 3 are peculiarly intriguing. The setting is certainly not New York, and Max looks like he should be a Left 4 Dead character. Regardless of the "drastic changes" that Kotaku's Michael McWhertor states in the site's press relase of the screens, they certainly have peaked my interest for Payne's third adventure. I was always wondering in the back of my mind when Rockstar would begin shedding light on this sequel. For me, Max Payne 3 has had the same size of a question mark as Alan Wake. With both games getting coverage now, I'm more excited. Maxy Payne 2 was one of my favorite games back in...what was that, 04? The PC version was great and it ran smoothly on my super buggy machine at the time. That's probably why I liked it so much. And now, seeing how bullet time will work with Max's beer gut should be fun to watch. Hehe.

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Aside from coming across that, I finished Uncharted if I didn't already announce that, and now I'm making my way through Heavenly Sword. Yes, the summer's epic backlog is beginning. I'm sure I won't beat every game, but it always feels good when you finish any of them. And Heavenly Sword is super short, so I should be done with it by the weekend most likely.

My 12th grade graduation is tomorrow night (why did it have to be in the evening...ugh!). I'm very glad to finally be getting out of high school. I'll always love my classmates and teachers (some of them), but the way our school is ran is so unorganized that I need to get the hell out of there! One chapter finishes, the next one begins, it's gonna be waterworks tomorrow...
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Hope to do an I4I this week, catch you guys later. Peace.

Stupid Crashes...

My PC crashed while I was typing a blog of E3 impressions. Teh SUCK! On the bright side, it's forcing me to do a vlog since I am not going to type all of that stuff up again. So yes, I4I later on. Stay tuned. :)


Man, I Sure Do Miss it Around Here...

Hey everyone, not sure if any of you remember me. I was the kid with the glasses, who did those video blogs and rambled about games and other things mixed with corny puns and silly actions. Remember? The youngster who for the most part posted blogs with substance? The kid, who according to some of you, wrote pretty decent game reviews?And the guy who made all those fancy-smancy profile banners andicons for the community around here?

I logged on yesterday to catch up on E3 coverage and starting skimming through my profile. First I just deleted some titles off my wish list and updated my Now Playing List. That led to me checking a few blogs, and now I'm posting one. I reallymiss those aforementioned activities. This past school year has been thebusiest ever. Itstill is in some ways, but things are truly winding down. I'll be graduating from high school in a few weeks, my prom is tonight. On top of fidning scholarships, staying on top of my art skills, attending to my loved ones, having a girlfriend, and everything else life throws out, I can't forget thatI am a part of this community. With that said, I never left, but in a way I had to come home. Nice to see everyone still active around here. I hope to be more active as well.

So, later on, I'll post some thoughts on what's been going down at E3 thus far. Other than that, catch you folks later.



3 Reasons Y

Yeah Yeah Yeahs!
My goodness, their new material is wonderful. Friggin' wonderful!

I would give some Lost & Damned impressions but I'm winding down with some FFIV for the DS. Gamefly sent it to me when I didn't want them to necessarily, so I just bought it. Another RPG I won't finish till...whenever I finish it.

Just checking in, see ya later.

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