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Presenting My Short Film: "Departure From a Love" in HD!

Departure From a Love from Ishmael Islam on Vimeo.

Film Description:

A Brooklyn boy writes a love letter of departure for his lady, which in reality is his birthplace and hometown. Upon walking to a mailbox, the young man becomes entranced by her beauty, and embarks on a journey that visualizes how he views his true love and how important she is to his being. Home is where your heart is, and his will always reside in Brooklyn.

Filmmaker's Comment:

My first fully ambitious film project. It began in October 2008, completed in April 2009. Nearly the greatest six months of my life thus far, I mean--I'm only 17, hehe. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. I was so passionate during the process, I lost count of the man hours that was put into this. This project and what it represents is very personal, and I hope you get a feel of that as you watch. Feedback and critique is certainly welcomed. Thank you =D.

Hey everyone, visit the actual Vimeo page to watch it in full HD. Other than that, just been wanting to blog here about something, but I wasn't playing much of anything until the end of last month. Currently, I've gotten into Fallout 3 like I've wanted, great game. Yes, I am aware that I'm months behind. I really need the 60GB hard-drive if I want to get into the DLC, plus I need a bigger drive regardless.  
On the PS3, I rented RE5 from Gamefly. Pretty good. Still at the beginning chapters, but it was something that captured me with RE4 that RE5 doesn't. I have to play it more before I give a full verdict. 
On Thursday night, gonna head out with a couple of my dad's buddies to a Madden 10 midnight launch. Absolutely loved the demo! The gameplay was reminiscent of NFL2K5, just the sheer realism of how it played, and the presentation is definitely beefed up this year. So I'm gonna treat myself to the full release as a little moving in gift as I move into the dorms at Pratt next week. Besides don't all the college kids ever do is play Madden and eat Ramen Noodles? :P 
Catch you folks later. And please if you enjoyed the film, link it to your friends around here and other people. I'm really trying to take this project Sundance far. Thanks for watching and reading. Peace.