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My Cards Against Humanity GiantBomb Expansion Suggestions

Since the GB Expansion submission page is Anonymous, I wanted a place to list the suggestions I sent, so I wouldn't forget them.
"Credit where credit is due" and all that jazz, not that it matters. (Also I'm sure some of these will get suggested by multiple people)

White Cards

  • Snoop Lion.
  • Rolling papers.
  • A "block" of memory.
  • Net neutrality.
  • Internet memes.
  • Vinny's Law.
  • W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.
  • The ironic use of "swag."
  • The unironic use of "swag."
  • Fucking pennies.
  • YOLO.
  • Hotdog flavored water.
  • Cheetos® fingers.
  • Surströmming.
  • Horribly salty Swedish candy.
  • Video games!
  • Jungler®.
  • @willsmith.
  • J Allard.
  • Cigaweed.
  • Sexual innuendos.
  • Retro indie platformer.
  • Bobby Kotick.
  • Responsibility.
  • 1998; The best year in video games.
  • A room full of hotdogs.
  • A paper cut along your pee hole.
  • A paper cut under your fingernail.
  • Masturbating with banana peels.
  • ASCII Penises.
  • Peeling glue off a table.
  • Dropping your phone for the umpteenth time.
  • Coasters that stick to the bottom of your glass.
  • Mom.
  • Dad.

Black Cards

  • The best part of waking up, is _______ in your cup.
  • The newest toy banned in China is a plastic ________ that shoots ________.
  • Two girls, one _______.
  • What two things can I mash together for a new screen name?
  • The Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary has added __________ as a definition of _________.
  • In all honesty, I prefer ___________ to consensual sex.
  • I heard one of the newest generation of Pokemon™ is designed after ____________.
  • I heard the name of one of the newest generation of Pokemon™ is a pun of ____________.
  • @petermolydeux tweeted a new innovative game idea where __________ is the core mechanic.
  • Your mom busted in and said, "What's that noise?" Aw, mom you're just jealous it's ___________!
  • What is stuck to the bottom of my shoe?
[Updated with 7 additional White Cards and 2 Black Cards. These are slightly spaced away from the original suggestions.]