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Greatest Games Made In My Lifetime

A memento for Nostalgia?

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  • This was the second game I ever owned and its probably the reason why I still love this medium.

  • The first game I ever owned and for good reason. I would bring my giant ass computer to my friend across the street just so we could shoot at each other for hours.

  • This game made me want a Gamecube so bad...and that's saying alot.

  • Absolutely amazing at the time.

  • This game still blows most 3d games out the fucking window

  • The amount of time I spent playing a game that basically takes 4 hours to beat is still shameful.

  • Forget all that D&D nonsense. You people can keep that shit, I've got Diablo.

  • Then Diablo 2 came out and no one cared about Diablo anymore, it was that good.

  • Then Starcraft came out and I failed middle school.

  • A mix between Diablo and Starcraft it didn't really offer as much but was still solid enough to play for a month or so.

  • After 30 or so years of existence Warhammer 40,000 finally gets a game that even remotely bears resemblance to the actual universal fluff.

  • This game had suck lofty expectations and it was still good. I don't think any other game besides Resident Evil 2 have ever gotten that kind of response.

  • Surprisingly deep for suck a lighthearted game.

  • The greatest when it came out and still holds better than 90 percent of the games out today.

  • I fucking love Space.


  • Deep and fluid combat polished to perfection. All games need to play this good.

  • I spent about 2 hours trying to get my pc to play this game. No regrets.

  • Pretty much the only game ever made that could be called Scary. In the future aliens will come to this planet and read about SHODAN. Thinking her real thay will assume she destroyed Earth and so will go home and rally against technology.

  • Flash versions of this game will exist until the end of time, if I have anything to say about it.