My Favorite iOS Games

These aren't in any particular order. These are just the iOS games that I think are pretty great and have a permanent place on my iPad.

List items

  • The ONLY bird related game I need. Beautiful game that I hope gets optimized for retina display. The HD re-release is absolute eye candy.

  • There's a TON of strategy with Plague Inc while also being incredibly accessible.

  • I'd heard about this while looking at a few other lists here on GiantBomb and gave it a shot. It's simple and doesn't require a ton of thought and is an easy enough game to veg to while still be satisfying.

  • I'm kind of a Ticket to Ride nerd, and most of the time down have anyone to play with. Ticket To Ride on the iPad scratches that itch.

  • CSD didn't grab me when I saw it for the PC, however gave it a go on my iPad and was instantly hooked. Intuitive, smart touch controls. Awesome menu music.