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Thought I best update this ^^

My name is Tru, I'm a 24 year old British female, living in the North East of England, UK.

I've owned and played on pretty much every console I can get my hands on, with the exception of some of the more obscure and older systems such as the Jaguar, Neo Geo, etc. At the moment I own a Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS, Dreamcast and Saturn (I even have a Gizmondo hidden somewhere!) so I'm really just missing a PSP. I would say that I play on my 360 the most though. I'm a huge Sega/Sonic nut, my alignment only says neutral because there is no Sega one! ;)

I'm currently studying Computer Game Design at University (First year), and will be using my blog here at Giant Bomb to keep a written record of the things I learn about games design and the games industry, so I'm sure there might be something games related here that may interest you! A career in games design is something that I am hoping to obtain, although I have a wide variety of interests, such as psychology, sociology, creative writing and web design, plus I also take a 'Japanese for Beginners' class.

I also co-run an online community for 'imaginative creativity' called Ideas Uncharted.com.