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Satisfying story driven game 0

If you played Gone Home or Firewatch it's a very similar game to those. It's sometime in like the 2080s, you're a contractor in space assigned to collect an AI from this space facility called Tacoma, where something happened to the crew. You go along section to section of the base investigating logs in AR (augmented reality) documenting what has happened on the ship. You get a feel of the various characters, their motivations, their relationships with others, their personalities and struggles, e...

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Great and Refined RPG, but doesn't do much new 0

Usually how my large RPG games like this go is I get very into them, doing everything I can, and then get burnt out and never finished. Happened this gen with Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. People are saying that it didn't happen with them on this, but honestly it still happened for me. I got to around middle of Monarch before I called it quits. I want to say about half way? I like how simple the ranking and weapons really are as well. First large part of the game there are only a handful of skills. A...

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If you like 3D Mario play this, if you haven't played a 3D Mario play this 0

It's a great 3D Mario game, probably the best since Galaxy 1 and 2. I felt 3D world lacked a bit in some innovation and was more or less just "more 3D Mario with nothing special". So far through most the kingdoms doing a fair amount of side stuff and such. Some kingdoms are better than others, some seem to be more repeats of similar themes, some very unique ones, some fan service type ones. Overall the cap mechanic is really neat I like it. If I had to pick anything with this game, it's maybe no...

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Its better than people think. 0

Well for starters, I really should upgrade the wiki its pretty out of date. Having a "guild" section is for the most part completely worthless as its dead content in the game. The only guild worth using is the Cooking guild.This game is more about watching your stats go up and up. Leveling takes literally forever, you can reach all 99 stats in a year if you play very efficiently...but usually its something people do over the span of several years. There are like four third-party sites out there ...

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One of the best JRPGs in a long time 0

Great game, a nice fresh breathe of air in the glum looking JRPG world these days. Honestly the best JRPG of last generation bar none. The story has somewhat of a typical JRPG structure to it (young boy needs to save the world with some super weapon!) but also has some really dark and very real to life themes to it in the background that I rather not spoil.Characters and voice acting is great for the most part. Drippy will make up for any bad characters or voice acting though!Gameplay is Pokemon...

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