Best of 2010

Cerogravian: Best of 2010

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  • Beautiful and painful perfection. Countless hours of torture in a well-executed, gorgeously designed and nostalgiaphilic package.

  • Everyone knows this is not as good a game as it is an experience, and the countless ways this title has affected this community, the internet, the industry and my brain gives it a high score indeed.

  • There are a lot of flaws in this game, but the atmosphere, the world, the music, the characters, well... The experience, yet again, makes this one worthy.

  • Despite the numerous technical issues, the tale of Marston is one that has to be seen. Great story, satisfying gameplay and general sweetness.

  • Amnesia shows a lot of strong steps forward on the path set by the Penumbra suite. General design of the game and the improvement of certain game elements in addition to the contained yet well-paced story.

  • Over the top in a lot of the best ways. Great fast-paced action, fittingly ridiculous writing that still manages to build an interesting world, lots of interesting designs...

  • Great to see the saga continue, though besides some improvements they made some changes that didn't fully agree with me.

  • Double Fine finding a formula. Charming, fun and great attempt at casualization of that classic RPG-formula. Cute and silly fun when it's at its best.

  • Disliked by many and suffering a bit from the linearity and comparative shortness of the experience, but a good one nonetheless, with good voicework, environments and feel.

  • Definitely not as good the original, but it's surely worth it to give Rapture another visit, especially with Minerva's Den. Its story and design is not as strong as its predecessor's, but it still has the spirit of Rapture in it.