Top 10 Games of 2014

Hello, Its that time again for my personal Top 10 Games of 2014 list! This year was a strange year for video games from lack of quality releases to anger throughout the industry. Anyways here are my top 10 games of 2014. As always I don't include re-releases or HD collections in my list.

Honorable Mention: Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Ultimate Edition- I can't include it in the main list because this is a re-release but what a fantastic job Blizzard did this year with this game from loot 2.0, a new expansion and constant updates they kept me coming back to Diablo over and over again. I feel this year Diablo 3 finally became the true sequel to Diablo 2.

List items

  • The best game this year hands down! Not only did they take what worked from both Dragon Age games giving you a choice how you want to do battle but a fantastic script, huge world, side quests that are actually interesting and great graphics make this the game to get this year!

  • Finally we were able to be graced with a sequel to one of the best action games every made. This game takes what was good with the first and polishes it up with even more crazy encounters and big action moments. Its the ultimate power fantasy game and the game keeps making you feel like you are doing really bad ass stuff...because you always are.

  • Not only did a big triple A developer pull off making a JRPG but they did a great job at it. South Park is funny and over the top each set piece is crazier than the last and I really appreciate that about this game. Even if you don't watch South Park this is a great game at its core and one of the best licensed games around.

  • This is the best Smash yet! Specifically the Wii U version. The game has amazing flow, the best roster only Nintendo could provide and oozes content. Try 8 player free for all with friends and thank me later.

  • The sequel to one of my favorite Tales of games. This one trys to do side quests different from the others and presents a more open world format. While it doesn't always work for the game its amazing characters, world, and always fun battle system more than makes up for it. It wasn't another paint by the numbers sequel and I can really appreciate the differences in this game compared to the first.

  • For a game I thought was gonna suck I was pleasantly surprised with this game. Machine Games brought back the feel of an old school FPS and I am so thankful for that as I have missed that old FPS style in recent years. The story is well written especially for what it is and it takes the franchise to surprising new places.

  • Mario Kart may have been around for a long time but this one is so polished and adapts some great new ideas. The gravity defying courses, music and the Luigi death stare will leave this game in your Wii U for a long time to come!

  • This game has a great art style and an amazing story. The ending is probably one of the best in recent memory.

  • FarCry 4 takes the same format from 3 and tweaks it. It may not be too different from 3 but with more varied missions/side quests and better outposts this game continues to be a blast to play. Its truly a open world FPS with hours upon hours of fun. The story is still pretty dumb but with a great villain and many ways to make your own cool adventure wing suit, gliders, hunting this game has fun for everyone.

  • This game takes a large influence from Jet Grind Radio one of my favorite games. With its fantastic maneuverability system to its fun and creative world this was one wacky game to visit this year.