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Perfection and imperfection 0

RDR2 is collection of great elements and few major parts that bring the whole thing down to a level where it should not be. Polish of the game is heavily directed towards the visual aspects of the game, while everything related to game play feels like rusted relics of the past. There are just too many weird decision about the game play that I cant list them all.There is much more to be said about the controls and most of it is not good. Like for example fist fighting might as well be canned anim...

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Guardian of Light Again (pc-version) 3

If you have played Guardian of Light, you have played this. You have to look pretty hard to find anything different here. This might not be worst thing, since Guardian of Light was interesting direction for ms. Croft to take.Game is still familiar hybrid of twin stick shooter and 3d platformer. Shooting-part works better than the platforming. This is mainly due to fact that latter is tied strongly to the puzzle solving. These puzzles are really easy and most of them are really familiar from the ...

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Lollipop Chainsaw: taste of promise. 0

Sucking Lollipop Chainsaw (PS3) So, I saw this in bargain bin: a cheerleader, her decapitated boyfriend, zombies and a killer soundtrack for 10 Euros. Sound like a deal right? Well, it might be for right kind of person. On the outside Lollipop Chainsaw seems to have lot going for it, but underneath there is simple and basic arcade action game that feels like a cold dead corpse from the past, rather than new fresh and vibrant modern game. Key word here is surface value: you get a girl in a skimp...

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Dead Rising 2 Review - More Brainsss and Less Heart 0

You know the story. Chuck Green, former motocross champion, is trapped in Las Vegas-like Fortune City which happens to be overrun by zombies. If that would not be bad enough, Chuck is framed for the zombie outbreak and he has also sick daughter Katey, who needs medicine every 24-hours to prevent her from turning into a walking dead.   So it is up to the player to clear Chucks name, medicate Katey and do some gambling- all with in the strict time limit.   Compared to the Dead Rising   The Sa...

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