Going to be working my way through a few new reviews over the next week or so :)

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  • chlomo wrote a review of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

    Normally a second release of a game on next generation systems allows for the developers to not only make the obvious technical improvements but also fix the serious bugs the original version of the ...

  • chlomo created a list Best Games Played 2021.
  • chlomo wrote a review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Digital).
    Ahh, Capitalism

    Animal Crossing New Horizons is my first game in the series after Wild World which was a game that I really didn't put a lot of time into. It was cute yeah, but I like gritty things, I like Metal Gear...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Dark Souls II.
    My Favourite Least Favourite Game

    Once upon a time back in the mists of 2018 I had never beaten a Dark Souls game, sure I'd played them though. I'd tried the broken Prepare to Die Edition of Dark Souls on PC, beat the Asylum Demon an...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Murder House.
    Heck Yes

    The love for the PS1 era is seemingly as strong now as it was back when the PS1 was the most relevant Playstation console and nowadays it's look seems especially popular with the indie horror scene, ...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Mundaun (Digital).
    Wholesome Horror

    You really can't put those words next to each other, "wholesome" and "horror", but that's exactly what Mundaun achieves. You play as Curdin, a young man who's returned to the valley of his youth in th...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Max Payne.
    Max Pain

    Hey mum, look at me, I'm John Woo! *slomo dives through a window and shoots 3 guys*.It's winter in New York and Max Payne has nothing left to lose and has decided Eff it, he's taking on the criminal ...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Factorio.
    I'm a robot now

    So Factorio looks nerdy. It's one of those games where someone tells you the premise and you're like... "And this is supposed to be fun? How is this is a game?" except the roles are reversed and I'm e...

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  • chlomo wrote a review of Hollow.
    It's Hollow alright

    Hollow was on sale for £2 and I still felt as though I'd been ripped off.It started with a long monologue and poorly mixed audio before the game began and the first thing that's apparent is the ...

  • chlomo created a list Games Beat 2021.
  • chlomo created a list Best games I played in 2020.
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  • chlomo created a list 21 Great Horror Games.
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  • chlomo wrote a review of Call of Cthulhu - The Video Game.
    Another Cthulhu Game

    There's something about HP Lovecraft's literary work that inspires people to make videogames based on it and whilst the 100 year page-turner is still a compelling read today, this particular incarnati...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Slender: The Arrival.
    The Return Of Everyone's Favourite Pale Businessman

    To understand why Slender: The Arrival is such a disappointing let down, you have to grasp why The Eight Pages was such a success. Slender: The Eight Pages took off in popularity because like a slew o...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Haunting Ground.
    An Unsettling Dream

    I really expected nothing from Haunting Ground, a game I'd never heard of and a really cheap buy from ebay but it was a request from a comment on a video I made to review the game so I bought it. Most...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Blair Witch.
    You Can Do Better

    Blair Witch as a series hasn't had the smoothest run, I can't talk about the previous games but the last two films, the remake and the sequel were both pretty messy and it feels like this game is sort...