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  • chlomo wrote a review of Call of Cthulhu - The Video Game.
    Another Cthulhu Game

    There's something about HP Lovecraft's literary work that inspires people to make videogames based on it and whilst the 100 year page-turner is still a compelling read today, this particular incarnati...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Slender: The Arrival.
    The Return Of Everyone's Favourite Pale Businessman

    To understand why Slender: The Arrival is such a disappointing let down, you have to grasp why The Eight Pages was such a success. Slender: The Eight Pages took off in popularity because like a slew o...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Haunting Ground.
    An Unsettling Dream

    I really expected nothing from Haunting Ground, a game I'd never heard of and a really cheap buy from ebay but it was a request from a comment on a video I made to review the game so I bought it. Most...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Blair Witch.
    You Can Do Better

    Blair Witch as a series hasn't had the smoothest run, I can't talk about the previous games but the last two films, the remake and the sequel were both pretty messy and it feels like this game is sort...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Project Zero.
    Facing Horror Straight On

    Being armed with nothing but a camera was a stroke of genius, whilst later games tell you to look away from the horror lest it envelop you, Fatal Frame tells you to stare right at it and snap a few sh...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare.
    You Got The Triple Barrelled Shotgun

    It's kind weird to see Alone in the Dark go and use elements from Resident Evil, a franchise that itself used elements from the original Alone in the Dark, but here we are. This is easily one of my f...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Outlast 2.
    What a mess.

    To give you some reference I played Outlast & it's DLC when they were released and it was at the time one of the best horror games I'd ever played, the design took the chases from Amnesia: The Dar...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Theme Hospital.
    Doctor Required In GP's Office!

    When I got this as a kid I thought it was the most boring possible game I could be given, a hospital management sim? Sheesh, what next, paper folding simulator? Anyway one sunny afternoon I gave the g...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Excalibur 2555 AD.
    Great Soundtrack, Bad Game

    It seems that bringing back the times of King Arthur and all that jazz have always been popular but for Excalibur 2555AD it seems like they couldn't decide if they wanted to set it in the time of King...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Populous: The Beginning (Collector).
    "Shaman, your mana is too low"

    Easily one of my favourite strategy/god games on PC, Populous is the story of a young Shaman's journey into godhood. You control the shaman and the her followers and learn to use spells and new techno...

  • chlomo wrote a review of Hogs of War.
    War & Pigs

    War. War never changes, it's always the same thing. Everyone just wants more swill, never satisfied with the swill they have at home. Hogs of War see's you battling your way across the totally real an...

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  • chlomo wrote a review of Penumbra Collector Pack (Steam).
    No thank you, Clarence

    Penumbra Black Plague picks right up off where Overture left off and see's protagonist Phillip kidnapped, stripped of his weapons (a thing Frictional Games will adapt into all future titles) and locke...