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Hook is a very underrated movie

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Video Game side grades: Witcher 3 and Dragon Age 3 and Red Dead Redemption

This is an idea i had in mind of comparing similar aspects aspects of certain video games and determine which is better. So lets begin

Best Horse back riding: In Dragon Age 3 every horse is the same and is unnecessary to travel and you can be in combat in horseback 2/10

Witcher 3 and Red Dead's horses are easy to use, allows you to fight on horse back and generally not a pain in the ass to control. 10/10

Best Combat: Dragon age 3's combat has some form of strategy to go along with it so i will give it a 6/10

Red Dead is way to easy for my taste since it has regenerating health and easy targeting and abilities that make you overpowered 5/10

The Witcher however is very fast paced but also very tactical with your magic signs, crossbows, and swords. 8/10

Best Side Quests: Dragon ages side quests are all the same without meaningful stories 1/10

Red Dead has Strangers and bounty boards and gambling and are all connected 9/10

The Witcher 3 has many buried treasures, places of power, locations to liberate, Monster contracts, and Side quests that have meaningful choices, also Gwent 10/10

Total score: Dragon Age 3- 9 points, Red Dead Redemption- 24 points, The Witcher 3- 28 points

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