Terraria; I don't get it.

At the 1st January. I bought Terraria for 3,39€ (4,56$ thank god!) instead of 9,99€. (13,45$)

I played for 28 Minutes. And I'm done with it.

I don't get it! I knew it was about "build your World!" and it has a Minecrafty-Vibe. I love Minecraft, played with for 30-35 hours in the XBLA-Version. So why is Terraria not gripping me? I love 2D-Worlds, I love that I can build stuff (like I said Minecraft was a lot of fun!) But Terraria gives me nothing! I digged my "House" and quit the game.

I thought "yeah I will play it tomorrow" but NOPE .. 28 Minutes. It was 22 Minutes when I stopped the first time. And since then I did "go back" for 2-4 Times. But after one ore two minutes I think "huh.. I rather play *** or read a book."

Now MY question is: Why is it gripping you? Because I don't see the appeal, but like I wrote usually I like those kind of games!


My shiny new VITA has arrived!

FIrst things first:

I live in the EU and a VITA regularly costs between 200€ and 300€. That s 263,70 to 395,55$ ! (US$)

A few weeks ago I wrote in a Thread that I would buy one if the price goes down to 150€ (197,98$), so it went down for one Day (amazon) in a Bundle with Little Big Planet, I thought "I will buy this thing and get rid of LBP, so I can buy a game that 's worth it!" .... sorry LPB-Fans, I was never interested in LBP!

It arrieved yesterday, I had no time then - Mario&Luigi Partners in Time was to addicting at this point. ^^

Today I went to the GameStop where I purchase all my games, sold LBP and bought a 32Gig memory card and a 20€ PSN-card.

Went home, put the card in the Vita and fired it up. Bought Super Stardust Delta, and played through Arcade Mode in one sitting. Damn this game looks sharp on this machine! And it is so much better than the usual PS3-Version.

Found in the PSN-Store the PSP-Games, and I need more money. >.<

Also.. I need +!

When I ordered it I thought "I will play Persona 4 Golden (have to import it because EU-Release is in February BOOOO!..) and Super Starust!" But now there are all these PSP-Games, which I want! (LocoRoco/Patapon/Persona 3!)

Bottom line: I don't regret that I have this piece of hardware now, when I think that P4G has a playtime of 100+ hours, then the VITA is worth it (for me at least)!