Terraria; I don't get it.

At the 1st January. I bought Terraria for 3,39€ (4,56$ thank god!) instead of 9,99€. (13,45$)

I played for 28 Minutes. And I'm done with it.

I don't get it! I knew it was about "build your World!" and it has a Minecrafty-Vibe. I love Minecraft, played with for 30-35 hours in the XBLA-Version. So why is Terraria not gripping me? I love 2D-Worlds, I love that I can build stuff (like I said Minecraft was a lot of fun!) But Terraria gives me nothing! I digged my "House" and quit the game.

I thought "yeah I will play it tomorrow" but NOPE .. 28 Minutes. It was 22 Minutes when I stopped the first time. And since then I did "go back" for 2-4 Times. But after one ore two minutes I think "huh.. I rather play *** or read a book."

Now MY question is: Why is it gripping you? Because I don't see the appeal, but like I wrote usually I like those kind of games!