My Favorite RPG's of All Time (So Far)

My ever evolving list of games for my favorite genre.

List items

  • It is the current pinnacle of the modern RPG. Some might say the streamlining goes to far, but the sacrifice is well worth if for the amazing experience it offers. Top to bottom, the best RPG I've ever played. Every other RPG on this list has seen, and probably will see, a second or third play through. But non have been played 3 times in a single month. I will visit an old RPG every now and then, but ME2 is the only one that constantly weighs on my mind. Like a favorite move, I'm always ready to pop in the disc and hang on for the ride.

  • The game took my inherit love of D&D and finally gave me an experience on par with the table top game. It was a game that made the original look like some sort of shareware demo, and I loved BG1. But BG2 was massive, both in scope and quality. Many games have come after, and have improved in many ways the formula Bioware worked out here. But in my mind, they still seem dwarfed by the amount of adventure that came packed into those magical gold sided CD's so long ago.

  • My favorite Final Fantasy, bar none. No cast of characters or story in the franchise has ever come close to the one set out here. It pushed the SNES to the limit, and had one of my favorite soundtracks of all time. Years later, and I still get shivers thinking of the opening, Mode-7 graphics rolling along as you walk in magitek suits through the snow. Perfect.

  • The best non-FF RPG from Square in my opinion. I beat this game more than once, and every time was a great ride. The DS version sits on my shelf, a constant threat to productivity.

  • Take Fallout and give it to one of my favorite developers ever. It can be janky at times, and it might not be as sharp story wise as its predecessors. But Fallout 3 was an amazing return for the series, and I spent dozens of hours living in the Capital Wasteland.

  • A game I really didn't get at first, until discovered the mod scene. I spent almost as much time trolling forums for the latest skins, weapons, and monster mods, as I did playing this epic RPG.

  • The first 3D Final Fantasy I really liked. A iteration of turn based FF combat system, excellent sphere grid, and the usual polish you expect of a Square product of the time. Squall might have been too sunny for some people, but after the parade of sullen jackholes that followed in the wake of 7, I was more than happy to have him on point for this excellent adventure.

  • The RPG that showed me fantasy wasn't the only genre that could fit the mold. A great story I have played through at least 3 times. The wait for number 3 was worse than living in a nuclear wasteland.

  • The Best Co-Op RPG I've ever played, with great characters, story and game play. Why has no one gone back and tried this again?

  • It might barely be an RPG, but Monster Hunter has loot hooks in it as sharp as a Tigrex claw (see what I did there?). 250 hours of my life means this one gets a place on my list.

  • Just remembered Xenogears. How could I ever forget it? Just need to decide where it goes....