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    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 23, 2009

    Considered the definitive second generation Monster Hunter game, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite includes all the content present in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and adds hundreds of new weapons, items, armor, and quests.

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    Released in Japan as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, it was renamed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the the North American and European release. With new monsters, weapons, missions, and a claimed 500 hours of gameplay, this is the biggest game of the franchise. Utilizing ad-hoc networking players can hunt with up to 3 other players, though the solo player has access to all of the same content. The Monster Hunter franchise is a cultural phenomenon in Japan, but up to this point it has not had the same impact outside Japan. Much planning and strategy is required of anyone desiring to become a top monster hunter, whether you are hunting alone or with friends.


    • New subspecies
    1. Plum Daimyo Hermitaur
    2. Terra Shogun Ceanataur
    3. Emerald Congalala
    4. Copper Blangonga
    • New monsters
    1. Nargacuga
    2. Lavasioth
    3. Yama Tsukami
    4. Queen Vespoid
    5. Ukanlos
    6. King Shakalaka
    • Some old monsters received new abilities
    • New rare materials are dropped by or skinned from monsters

    Weapon Types

    You must select the right weapon for the monster you are hunting to be victorious, and even the greatest hunter is nothing without their trusted weapon of choice.

    Sword and Shield

    A combination of a small, easily maneuverable sword and a shield capable of blocking most attacks.

    Dual Sword

    Twice the arsenal equals twice the damage; the Dual Blades are the quickest blade weapons available to Hunters.

    Long Sword

    A lightning quick blade, capable of heavy landing devastating combo attacks; the Long Blades are some of the best handling weapons available.

    Great Sword

    These swords are slow but devastatingly powerful. The blade itself can also be used to block attacks.


    Gunlances have an extra kick that can floor even the largest of monsters. They're similar to Lances but have the ability fire ammunition rounds of various proximities.


    Lances have a great reach allowing you to stay clear of close attacks, as well as providing increased evasion. Lances also come with a shield capable of blocking many attacks outright at the cost of some stamina.


    The choice of the most experienced of Hunters. While ineffective in the hands of an inexperienced player, bows allow you to tailor devastating attacks for a huge range of Monsters and Quests.

    Light Bowguns

    Light bowguns are ranged weapons that allow you to fire a great selection of different ammo from a distance. The damage of these small bowguns is moderate, but can be used as a support weapon or can have deadly efficiency when used by more experienced Hunters. The majority of light bowguns can rapidly fire specific types of shots.

    Heavy Bowguns

    Heavy bowguns are the more destructive counterpart of the light bowgun. They can often fire a larger array of shot types than a light bowgun, and generally deal a high amount of damage at the expense of lowering the Hunter's mobility. Some experienced hunters find ways to negate this problem and they can be one of the most effective weapons in the game.

    Hunting Horn

    Hunting Horns are one of the most useful weapons in the game and only for Master Hunters to take on. Hunting Horns allow players to buff themselves and/or their group members by playing various patterns of colored notes.


    For raw power, there is no better weapon than the Hammer. Hammers have a fairly short reach, but they can really pack a punch when used correctly.

    Felyne Comrades

    New to this game is the Felyne Comrade system. This lets you bring a felyne along with you on solo missions. This can be very helpful for people that play alone. Your felyne can distract big monsters, heal you, and even do damage. If you cannot play online then this is a big help. You are able to trade your cats to other hunters.

    Raising your Felyne

    A Comrade using a small Barrel Bomb. Some cats only use bombs
    A Comrade using a small Barrel Bomb. Some cats only use bombs

    Your felyne will gain experience based on the missions you complete. Your felyne starts at level 1, and can level up to 20. Each level increase will increase the main stats: Attack, defense, or health. Your felyne raises these stats based on the training it does.


    Your felyne has a focus you can set before missions. Each one boosts a certain stat. This is essential if you want to raise your felyne a certain way.

    • Hand to Hand: Raises experience, allowing your felyne to level up faster.
    • Dumbbells: Raises attack power, decent. But only if you focus on attack the whole way, and combine with a status attack.
    • Sit-ups: Raises defense, strongly recommended for a peace loving cat.
    • Forms: Raises attack and defense, but not total health, not recommended
    • Meditation: Focuses on raising comrade points to learn skills. Useless because eventually you will have plenty of points to spare without this.
    • Rest: Raises fondness slowly. Not recommended, near useless.

    Felyne Temperament

    There are many different mindsets your Felyne can have. This determines a lot of different factors. Examples of these are what they attack with, how they attack, and how fast they heal. For example: A scrapper will attack with weapons only, but will only attack small monsters. But a Double KO cat will only attack large monsters with bombs, and heal very slowly.

    Comrade Skills

    There are many skills your felyne can equip. You may equip 3 each time. You learn more skills based on your loyalty level. You must first select the skill you want to learn, then gain points to learn the skill. After you finish learning it, you can equip it whenever you want.

    List of Comrade Skills

    • Flute: This attracts the attention of monsters, like the Flute (normal item). 20 points required.
    • Demon Flute: Raises the attack power, similar to the skill Attack Up (Sm). 60 points required.
    • Armor Flute: Raises defense power, similar to Defense Up (Sm). 60 points required.
    • Antidote Flute: Cures poison, similar to an antidote. 30 points required.
    • Health Flute: Heals you and the felyne, similar to a potion. 70 points required.
    • True Health Flute: Heals both you and your felyne, similar to a mega potion. 120 points required.
    • Element attack (Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, Dragon): Does what it says, helpful for exploiting weaknesses. 15 points for all except Dragon, which is 30 points.
    • Element Attack Up: Increases the elemental damage done. 50 points required.
    • Status Attack (Poison/Paralysis/Sleep): Adds status damage to your weapon. 60 points required.
    • Abnormal Status Attack UP: Increases damage. 120 points required.
    • Wind Negate: Felyne will not be blown back by the beating wings of all monsters except for Elder Dragons. 100 points required.
    • Earplugs: Same as earplugs for hunters, won't be stunned. 140 points required.
    • Attack/Defense/Health/Guard Percentage up: Costs 60, 90, 120, 70 points respectively.
    • Hyperdrive: Very helpful skill, the faster your felyne completes the animation the easier it can dodge. 100 points required.
    • Speedy Recovery: If you felyne gets knocked out, he will return to battle in less time. 130 points required.
    • Affinity Attack: Similar to the skill Reckless Abandon, 80 points required.
    • Rob 'em Blind: Felynes cannot normally carve monsters, this is a good alternative. 100 points required.
    • Shock Trap: Happens very rarely, not worth the slot. 160 points required.
    • Bomb Strength Up: 150 points required.
    • Bomb Damage Reduction: Not really worth more than a defense boost. 90 points required.
    • Large Barrel-Bomb: Not only worth it to do more damage, but Large Barrel Bombs are remotely triggers, so no accidents. 140 points required.
    • Poison Negate: 30 points required.
    • Clairvoyance: Useful, but not worth the slot. Might as well bring a Psychoserum with you. 70 points required.
    • Say No to Gathering: A permanent boost, and might be worth it if you are raising a pure attack felyne. 90 points required.
    • Workaholic: For less health, you can have your felyne focus purely on hunting the monster. 80 points required.
    • Fall 7x, Get up 8x: Pretty decent skill if you comrade tends to faint a lot, 120 points required.
    • In a Corner: Your felyne gains a huge attack and defense boost, but if he falls one, he will not come back for the rest of the mission. 150 points required.

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