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    Trenya is a Felyne adventurer who is introduced in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. It is noted that he was trained by Pokke Village co-founder Treshi, and the two dress alike (yellow miners cap, vest, goggles and oversized backpack). Unlike most Felynes in the game, he seems to work alone, going on solo adventures hunting for treasure. He is unlocked by the player character as an upgrade to the Farm area. Once unlocked, Trenya appears in the players farm waiting near a boat. He offers the player the chance to trade Pokke Points (the upgrade points for the village in the game) to go on adventures for them. The amount of points you can spend and the regions Trenya can visit expand as you progress further through the games single player quests. Depending on how many points are spent and what area is selected, Trenya will return after completing missions with some random items for the player. The items range from common to rare, and there are even some items only available through Trenya's adventures. A general sign of the quality of items Trenya brings back is if he is standing or knocked down when he returns. If he is knocked down, the items are generally worse. A video also plays when Trenya leaves for an adventure, and can display a few outcomes including Trenya rowing away normally on his boat, the boat springing a leak and sinking, and Trenya rowing the boat away at high speed, as if he had a motorized engine. This does not seem to effect the outcome the items he has when he returns though.

     Introduction toTrenya in MGS:  Peace Walker
     Introduction toTrenya in MGS: Peace Walker
    Trenya recently appeared in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as part of cross franchise collaboration. If the player listens to codecs from Peace Walker character Chico, he will learn of a mythical island of giant monsters. Following Chico's clues, the players can take Snake to a boat dock in one of the missions and encounter Trenya on his boat. Trenya offers to take Snake to the island of monsters, since he looks like a hunter. While Snake initially declines, Trenya convinces him with the promise of very  useful items that can be taken from the giant monsters on the island. Snake agrees, and Trenya leaves an open offer to take Snake to the island whenever he wants, allowing the player to then access the Monster Hunter themed mission through the Extra Ops.

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