Old games that needs a proper remake.

Maybe they're entangled in some legal issues, beaten to death by countless crappy sequels, or simply forgotten.   However, this in my list of games I want to play again, but with the gentle touch of modern technology. 

List items

  • I might remeber some of these games intoxicated by the insidious fumes of nostalgia. But not Ice Climber. A perfect party game with just the right kind of stress. Update the graphics and sell it to me. How hard can it be?

  • War never been so much fun. And it never was thereafter.

  • A cool squadbased RTS-like game in witch you controlled a group of cyborgs. I was to young to understand anything other than "cyborgs". But that was enough.

  • I can't understad why there weren't more good adventure games featuring cops and detectives. They were about someone solving mysteries and problems. That's what cops do, right? Hopefully, with this adventure revival, we get a proper remake of this obvious gem.

  • Cyberpunk died along with the last decade. Then we all became cyberpunks ourself. But Shadowrun had so much more than that. It created a world that was the polar opposite of high fantasy. It was fresh, fun and so adictive.

  • Once you understad X-COM, it will eat your life. Never have I cared so much about the survival of some low-res sprites. Give this game the praise it deserves and do a serious remake. Don't mind the sequels.

  • How many times can you retry a challenging puzzle before giving up. 20 times? 50 times? If failing results in a cool animation where a pendulum blade comes down splitting your head open, think again. Yeah, this was good.

  • I miss the crappy opening, I miss the bad sound effects, I miss the janky fight gameplay. O how I miss it.