Game of The Year, Every Year

So I basically stole this idea from @recspec. You should go check out his list over here.

This is my Game of the Year for every year as far back as I could. My list keeping for games is more of a recent trend, but I could always point to one or two games from a given year and say "These are my favorites." Around 2007, things started to get more vague and a few times I had some trouble coming up with any good runners up.

It's kind of interesting to look back over my "Game of the Years" when I was younger. This list goes from middle school, high school, college, and post-college. It was certainly a different time back then, but this list is also impacted by fun stuff like "I was a teenager and didn't have a lot of money to buy games back then."

(I started this list way too late. I'll finish the write ups and do proofreading tomorrow. Good night!)

List items