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Game of the Year 2014

Remaking this because Dragon Age broke the previous one.

No Sunset Overdrive on this list because I don't have an Xbone, same with D4.

No Dark Souls 2 because it ain't my bag.

No Bravely Default because it's awful.

No Mordor because everytime I think about that game I like it less, to the point where I think I might hate it?

List items

  • I love everything about this game.

  • The sequel everybody wanted to the game nobody played. Brilliant game that will go unnoticed by everyone but the most die hard of video game aficionados.

  • Loot 2.0 fixed everything wrong with the original Diablo 3, the new Act was really cool, Adventure mode is awesome, Rifts provide something real to work towards, and Seasonal Ladders are super fun.

  • medibot is in it.

    The actual game is fantastically simple yet challenging and the writing is sharp.

  • A return to form for Bioware. Great writing, fun gameplay, a well realized world and real repercussions for choices not just in this game but in the entire series make this a fantastic RPG. Only problem with it is that the final mission is incredibly anticlimactic.

  • Best stealth gameplay of all time but doesn't have enough content. Can't wait for The Phantom Pain. The PC port is almost perfect which is a huge plus.

  • What Fables should have been.

  • It's more Far Cry with more weapons, more animals and more options.

  • A portable version of Return to Dreamland. The two new forms are rad but it's basically the same.

  • The perfect podcast game.

  • Backlog Game of the Year. If this came out this year it would probably be #3. The combat system is super fun, the story is interesting and over the top and there's TONS of side content.

    Unless 5 ends up being super disappointing expect it on next year's list.