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Games I Have Beaten in the Year 2015

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  • January 2nd.

    Got a Nexus 5 for my birthday and Patrick had been talking about this game for a while so I figured I would pick it and the DLC up. Fun short little thing with some neat tricks but doesn't quite justify it's price tag when compared to other mobile games. Love the look of it though.


  • January 6th.

    Man, this game is brilliant. Fun, interesting characters that you genuinely care about, an unpredictable yet cohesive story and an out of control sense of style make this a game worth playing. Take the best parts of Phoenix Wright and Persona 3/4, put them in a blender and you got Danganronpa.


  • March 2nd.

    My second least favourite of the Metal Gear Solid games. It's fanservicey as hell and the final 50 minutes are complete garbage. However the actual game part of it is fantastic and the boss fights are really cool. All the weird unlockable stuff like the Solar Gun from Boktai is really fun to fuck around with.