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  • #1: Great story, great characters, epic battles, and long play time. Despite a few short comings (mainly some cliche ideas to the story and whatever gripe the nay sayers can think) this game has me hooked. Everytime I play this, I play way to long into the night and am a zombie the next day until I play it again. Very few games, let alone non real time combat ones, have this appeal to me these days. Bioware knows how to make games epic and fun, thats all I can say.

  • #2: Great Graphics, another great story, and substantially better gameplay mechanics make this game my number 2. To me it didnt really innovate anything but rather just made the game franchise better. I may never finish this one, like with most open world games these just take me forever, but its alot of fun everytime I play even if I dont progress the story very much theres always something fun to do.

  • #3: I should stop saying great graphics and great story. Most games these days have one or the other, especially if its gonna be on a top list. Anyway, I have never played any particularly good batman games, and like most video game adaptations to film I usually assume they suck. Like Jeff, I assumed this game would suck when I first heard about it awhile back and I did not listen to any hype at all, and only saw one gameplay video that was explaining (terribly) the combat mechanics that make this game so superb. Anyway, that video didnt do it justice and I never watched anymore hype videos other then that. Then I played the game.... not just anothe rbrawler game... this is a must play.

  • #4: I like this game. This is one I cant say has great graphics, and it definitely doesnt have the best story (its down right cliche, and on top of that the main character is an A-Hole). All that aside though, this game is just fun to play. THis is another i may never finish, and I dont particularly care. I can always come back to it and play some more and i seem to be able to pick it up again pretty easily, its that intuitive. All I can say is I havent gotten to play Infamous, but I'm sure that games superb, but to me this is the super power game thats had me hooked all year.

  • #5: Fun game, great atmosphere and totally ripped off. Fortunately it was ripped off by the people that came up with Diablo, so I dont know if thats immoral or not. Despite this fact, and the fact that the first 3 or more hours playing it you'll just keep saying to yourself "this is such a diablo rip off" you wont stop playing. This game is action packed, but lackluster on the story (which is bare bones and only serves to move the player along). It does what it does and wont win any award, but i dont play enough games to fill out a top 10 of the year well anymore so this is going to be here, and i dont care what anyone thinks about it.

  • #6: I followed this game for awhile before it came out and when they said it was goin gto be cell shaded I almost lost faith in it thinking it would be pretty stupid. I liked the original screens I saw that were pretty rugged and had a post apocolyptic flair. Problem was those were pretty cliche looks as far as I remember and when they ended up with was a bit more creative look to a creative game. Its another diablo clone, but one thats enjoyable to play, and it has its own innovations to boot. It alrdy has several DLCs out, and I hear its actually better to play with friends (of which, I have no one to play games with.... pshaw). Anyway, Im pretty weird and I enjoyed playing this game single player altho its open world so I dont know, again, when i'll finish it. It was still fun tho, and worth checking out..

  • #7: I dont play many games a year anymore, with being an adult, and having to pay bills, but this is one I intend to get. Since im having a hard time filling out the roster, why not, I'll just put this here. Telltale deserves it anyway, theyre a great company hehe

    Anyway I hear its great and someday I'll play it. Gahd my list is goin gto be stuff no one votes for hahaha, YES!