Top Ten GOTY 2012

This is my list for Game of the Year in 2012. I don't do blogs for these because everyone else does and anyway you can listen to the Giantbomb Community Game of the Year Podcast if you need more in depth thoughts of mine on these picks.
I'll try and just go in to a little detail on my thoughts here as some of these aren't on there. 

List items

  • There were a lot of ground breaking games, this year, particularly when it comes to story. I don't know that many went as far as The Walking Dead did, though.

    While many can argue there is little to the "game" part of this game, and that even some of the "gamey" moments aren't that interesting, the focus of the challenge seems to be in the choices you make, and damn are those really tough choices. Maybe if you're a cold hearted asshole you won't care, and really that's fine (it doesn't have to be for everybody), but those of us who still feel emotions and want to have engaging stories in their video games this is the best ever made and for me the best game that came out in 2012.

  • This is probably the best first person shooter I have played in at least 10 years. I mean, I don't mind Call of Duty, but that's not my thing, and Halo has always felt a little to weak in the weapon department. I never much cared for map layouts in Halo either.

    Anyway, sorry, I really like Far cry 3. There is so much to do in the game, if you want to, that you could just explore the island looking for mysterious hidden temples or go out to the beach and fight a shark. Really, everything that needs to be said has been said somewhere on the internet (and probably better), but I'll reiterate one more thing. Vaas is the greatest villain in a video game... ever.

  • I don't know what I can add to what I've already said many times on the Giantbomb web site and on the forums about this game. It's just that good. Before this game (maybe not quite so much after it, though) I had not played a game that tried to tackle issues in culture as a whole.

    Issues, like war and violence. Issues like PTSD, trauma and loss. Without spoiling to much- it's a great story and one I would fully recommend anyone play through it at least once.

    If you don't like video games, or shooters, play it on easy. It's WORTH IT! You wont forget it- that's a promise.

  • The attention to detail with how the mechanics work in this game are to be admired. Everything seems to work like it should. I know some people have/had bugs with this game but I only experienced some briefly when I first installed it; which rebooting my computer fixed, and I haven't had a problem since.

    The music is fantastic, the game is gory but seems to be so with a purpose, and it's also incredibly addicting to play. You just cant stop trying to tackle a problem for the 30th time. It's a real blast to play and I have yet to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

  • This game is gorgeous. It makes sense that Giantbomb gave it praise for it's aesthetics. There's really not a moment in this game that doesn't look right, and isn't a splendor to gaze upon.

    As a game, it breaks a lot of ground to me with multiplayer being that I guess because no one talks, so you just meet up with people and they're there after being a lone in this seemingly sad world.

    I can only imagine what it must be like for someone who doesn't know there is supposed to be other people playing the game at the same time as you that just appear in your world. That must have been amazing (unfortunately that was something I knew going into this game). I'll leave this game for others to discover, but what a beautiful and touching discovery this game is. While it never says anything- underneath... the game is full of interesting topics to discuss.

  • I really love stealth action games a lot. When Thief came out (a while ago now) it was one of the coolest games I had played at the time.

    This is about Dishonored, though. I find a lot of semblances to Thief with a lot of added touches to make the game play more accessible. The ability to blink (which is a short teleport) and double jump really helps to make moving around the world as painless as possible and the world is really brought to life with a really interesting, psuedo European, art style that I personally enjoyed. Add to that the ability to play how you want -despite the feeling that the game doesn't want you to play certain ways which may just be bad interpretation of the intent and a poor story that really doesn't do anything but give you a basis for the games world- this is a solid game to play. If you like stealth action at all it's worth checking out, and if you don't you may find it more appealing due to it letting you be more combat oriented if that's what you want.

    A really fun game.

  • This game is one of my personal favorites this year.

    I love adventure games, and old school doesn't bother me. The writing is sharp witted, and often referential. Unlike sometimes in games, though, the references didn't feel too grating (although, admittedly, there was a few moments that they could have laid off a bit).

    The puzzles are as whimsical as they are goofy and it really brings a lot of flair to the mix. The comedy was very reminiscent of the hay day of the monkey Island series, and never have I played such a large grandiose adventure (since maybe The Longest Journey). I thought it was thoroughly enjoyable all the way through and a game I would probably play through again just to see those crazy characters.

  • After Darksiders 1 I wasn't left as impressed as some people with that game.

    It has an interesting premise, and the end left things open for something really epic to happen, but getting there felt like a chore.

    In 2 they add a lot more variety to both game play and character progression as you can get new weapons (a very role playing like way of handling inventory and loot) and you can upgrade your weapons to buff yourself with special weapons or gear. The game is also really beautiful to look at, despite it not really being a more human world anymore but rather fantastical (which made sense to me being that its hundreds of years later). I also really liked the main character, Death, who is much more smarmy and doesn't seem to give a crap about the state of the world so much as saving his brother, War.

    I felt like the additions added a lot to the overall game, and while at times it does admittedly pad the length out a bit over all I really enjoyed playing it.

  • I love Max Payne (feel like I'm saying how much I love certain game franchises to much this year, GAH!). So much so, that I played 1 and 2 again (for like the 5th or 6th time in my life) in anticipation for Max Payne 3.

    There are admittedly problems with this game, but I didn't feel those problems were any different than previous Max Payne games had (such as the difficulty or sometimes unfair nature in the game play). Some could argue that being forced to use cover brings the game down, especially since it was added they used that as an excuse to make the combat scenarios even more insane, but that never really bothered me that much. You can still shoot dodge a lot, and you will.

    The only black mark for me is the choice to take it go to Brazil. While I appreciate what Rockstar is going for, I think they did TOO MUCH. Taking Max out of New York (don't lie Rockstar, you're barely ever in New York)was a major misstep, and the writing, while similar to previous Max Payne entries, goes a bit to far with Max's depression sometimes, where as the older games often made something of a joke of it more so then constantly living in it all the time.

    Max is now at the lowest he could have possibly gotten. I really liked that, though, especially considering the arc Max has had up to this point, and really he has nothing left. Even the in game animations (such as how Max gets ready to jump into a shoot dodge) is astounding.

    Speaking of which, the attention to detail in this game is top notch. It really would be higher on my list if not for changing the locale, which wasn't done well or interesting enough and the buddy Max is following around is a god damn asshole. I wish that guy would just shut up or go away. I was so happy for the brief missions when he wasn't there. I couldn't stand that guy. Yap yap yap... shut up dude and let me wade in my depression god dammit!

  • While Diablo 3 wasn't that great at the moment of it's release (that's understandable given it's online always nature and servers not quite being up to snuff considering the demand was way bigger than Blizzard ever expected) the game was still a joy to play.

    I finished the game with 2 characters, twice.

    That speaks volumes for how fun the game still is. I have a lot of gripes with it, which is why it's so low on my list, but overall it's still a solid game and one that anyone could get into. It has both cultural visibility and enjoyable game play. It has something for everybody, really, with more to come in the future I am sure. You wont be disappointed playing it per say so much as the fact that it's not as fun to play for as long as other Diablo games in the past.

    That could just be my nostalgia for it, though, and not actually a practical- rational- thought process.