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Manchester United (I'm actually from Manchester, M- post code and everything!) and England.

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Obviously, rooting for my home nation of England, but going to put a sneaky bet on Argentina to win the tournament, and Belgium to get to the semi finals.

You heard it here first...

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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here for their comments on this. I just happened upon my blog when checking out my profile to make some changes.

First, dang I sound pathetic lol. Man I sound like a freaking wuss. Oh well, this sounds like a time where I was seriously stressed out, and needed to vent. So thanks for allowing me that and not judging too harshly (you may have judged harshly, but thanks for not blasting it my way).

Second, I might should have disconnected my Twitter, but I didn't. I am kind of glad I didn't in a weird way. People need to see what teachers can sometimes go through (especially new ones where they are expected to take on every single thing for free and just the saying "Welcome to education.")

Thought I would give an update. I am still teaching, and still doing great at it. I actually have other schools trying to get me to come on. Some of these schools are where I grew up (and they pay more). I am considering that, but in the back of my mind, I know that I will not be in education for another 5 years.

I have already started working in web design/ development. I have been learning and working at a furious pace for the last month and a half (didn't have time in the middle of the school year with all I do). I have been throught Code Academy's HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and PHP tracks. I have also activated a month trial at Team Treehouse, and am going through the front end development track. I am really enjoying it. I have already made with what little I know.

I would say this to those looking at going into teaching... go for it. If anything, you will really learn how to work hard and not for money (btw, teachers and coaches get paid dirt, it is ridiculous). It also depends on the state you teach in. Just go with what you want, it is worth the experience.

Thanks again guys, and sorry for sounding like a freaking wuss almost a year ago.

Hey duder, I am also a teacher, over in the UK and I can empathise (UK spelling) with your experience. I got chewed up and spit out by my previous school and nearly gave up the profession, but left and found a much more supportive school to work in. It does often feel as if the optimum situation for the UK government would be a constant conveyor belt of young, energetic, newly qualified teachers that they can run into the ground and burn out in five years, keeping the cycle going as they fill university and post-graduate places (sorry - got very cynical there).

However, teaching is a vocation and a passion, and once it's in your blood it's very difficult to let go of. One thing I can guarantee with teaching is that you will NEVER be bored, and working with young people who still have a lot to learn is much more acceptable to me than working with grown adults who I have worked with in the insurance industry (before I went into teaching) who really should know better.

It sounds like you have made your mind up to leave, but I think you might miss it more than you think...

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Denton, Manchester, England

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This is up there for me

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Thanks for all the tips! I don't mind losing, just not all the time. I have won 1 game in twelve in the arena. Even in casual and ranked I'm definitely losing : winning at least 4:1. I've bought one pack, looked at all my custom decks carefully. Guess I'm going to take that tip of not quitting too early.

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Thanks for the advice folks, it seems I might be rage quitting a little too early - a problem of my own making...

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Hmm, maybe I am giving up too early. Rank 19 in ranked and just feel like I know how a game is playing out, especially if I face a Hunter Rogue or Mage. Really tried to think abut my deck (favour Paladin), but seem to get trounced 90% of the time...