Games of My Life - Worms Armagedoon

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Today it's all about Worms!

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To be honest i could chose Worms 1,2, Armageddon or World Party for this, but since Armageddon was the one I have more memories it's the one who takes the prize. 
The mechanic of Worms is simple and easy, shoot all the enemy worms. It's a game that i can play with my sister or my younger cousins without any problem, and that's great because this game is the best mutiplayer game I have ever played. To be honest I don't even like playing Worms alone that much. I usually just play with my sister.
  The graphics don't matter here, simple 2d mechanic is enough, proof of that is Worms 3D and Worms 4. 
The best memories I had with this game is simply hearing those Brazilian voices. Seriously, if you understood what they were saying but speaking European Portuguese you'd laugh your ass off. 
It was also always fun to watch everyone fuck things up, it's the only game that doesn't make me angry at all when i lose (can't say the same thing about my sister,but that's life...)
And of course, the best weapon to ever been in a video game, the Holy Hand Grenade. Hearing that "Hallelujah" and seeing the destruction of that weapon imediatly after is highly rewarding even if you just ended up killing half your team. 
And that is why I chose Worms Armageddon as one of the games of my life