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Ten Awesome Characters

A list of simply awesome characters.

List items

  • Witty, charming and the centerpiece of my all-time favorite game. Portrayed incredibly convincingly by Tony Plana (thanks IMDB) with dialog so sharp it could take an eye out, I could (and have) listen(ed) to his dialog trees for hours on end.

  • OBJECTION! Never afraid to take on a case that would barely make sense in The Twilight Zone, Mr. Wright has a reputation for epic turnabouts and a belief that the truth is important above all else. His skills only tell half the story, his amusing inner monologues the other.

  • "Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!"

    Need I say more?

  • Any AI character that actually helps instead of hinders gets a huge thumbs up in my book. It's just that this one also happens to be a lovely sexy lady too. Ask any HL2 player and they'll all tell you they've had that dream....or maybe that was just me?

  • An assassin with a heart, Thane is easily one of the standout characters in BioWare's sci-fi epic Mass Effect 2. With a spiritual approach to life despite his profession, I was engrossed in the tales of his past and understanding his motivations for choosing for the life that led him to the Normandy. A testament to BioWare's character design expertise for sure.

  • The charismatic founder of Rapture, who set his sights high in building the ultimate utopia. He didn't exactly succeed but you have to admire his ambition. Oh, and golf club? Amazing.

  • The second Monkey Island character on this list, his place is well earned. His desire to rule the world despite his severe physical limitations are the source of much amusement and some of the most laugh-out-load moments in video gaming.

  • The Clint Eastwood of gaming.

  • It's not easy to come up with original and instantly recognisable characters these days but somehow Media Molecule did just that when they created Sackboy. Normally looks wouldn't even be a deciding factor in a list like this but for Christ sake, HE'S TOO DAMN CUTE!

  • The suit, the tie, the bald head. Oh, and the murderous tendencies. Slickness personified.