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Life Update

Well as most of you probably know I haven't been on lately and the main reason is because my workload has picked up which sucks but yeah that is the main reason. Other things that have happened in my life is that my PS3 is dying cause the blu-ray lens is going out and I can only play a game for about 15 minutes until it freezes so that is a major bummer for me since I can not afford another PS3 at the moment or probably not one for a year or so. I can still get on and play my PSN games and watch DVDs but the blu-ray discs won't read so that really pissed me off. Other than that I was sad last week cause of childhood hero, Ken Griffey Jr., retired from baseball and it finally made me realize I wasn't a kid anymore. Even though I am married and have two kids, watching him play baseball throughout the years was always a treat for me. After that there is the whole NCAA football drama that is going on and IMO I think it would kinda be cool for the PAC-16 to form and I would get to see another one of my favorite teams Oregon come OSU every four years. The only school I will really miss is Kansas but oh well I assume. I think that is it for me now, I guess I will have to dust off my Wii and start playing those games now, but I will anyways since I am getting Super Mario Galaxy 2 for my birthday on the 20th. Well to end things off I need more money cause hospital and credit card bills are kicking my ass right now and I can barely afford gas to get to work so that really sucks. Maybe one day I will hit it rich but I highly doubt it knowing my luck in life. Hopefully once this project I am working on slows down I can get on the forums again but until then to be continued....

P.S. I want MGS: Peace Walker but my PSP-1000 analog stick is broken so I can't play that either so my Sony products are both dead.