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Darth Paul

Tired of being jobless & broke. Need a new job desperately to afford more games ... and you know other important stuff like food a...

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I've only ever owned Nintendo systems.

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  • Had the original version with the gray zapper, and SMB/Duck Hunt but no Rob & Gyromite.

  • Had the original one of these and later on got an upgrade of sorts with a green colored GB pocket (from green screen to green casing, LOL!) that my wife got for herself. Today, the original white model is long gone, as are most of the games that I had for them, but the pocket version is still in a drawer in our house since we can't sell it for any sort of decent cash.

  • I had one of those funky clear purple ones from the beginning, although green is my favorite color and I would have liked to have gotten one of those it just didn't make sense to trade it for another color.

  • Had the original version in white. Never did trade up for the SP version or micro version.

  • Still own my GC even though I have a Wii simply b/c of the GBA player add-on. Not sure what I'm going to do once the Wii U comes out. Might just still hold on to the GC and trade in the Wii for the upgraded Wii U.

  • For me the Wii is a great system for me and my family. The kids love it, and actually spend more time playing their games on it than I do. However, will have to wait and see what were going to do once the Wii U hits on whether or not were going to trade up for it. The answer is probably yes, and it will probably be added to this list too.

  • Had the lite version before upgrading to the DSi XL which I currently have. However, even though I like the bigger screens of the XL, I miss the GBA slot from the previous version and now would like to someday purchase another lite version just to regain the lost GBA functionality.

  • Got me a red one for Christmas (2011) and with it Ocarina of Time 3D!

  • I thought that I had this one on my list when I first made it, but just checked and it was missing! Of course I had this one before I had a Gamecube.