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Robots vs Aliens 0

Despite various repeated attempts, I have never been able to get into rougelike games. Things like Spelunky, Binding of Issac, and Enter the Gungeon are really great when you are having a good run and have a lot of cool stuff, but the fact that you can lose everything in an instant and have to start all over again from scratch just to get the chance to make that awesome super badass character again is incredibly deflating to me. Into the Breach managed to grab me in a way other rougelikes haven'...

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A solid foundation for a new series of adventures. 2

I love love love the God of War franchise. I think each game in the series brings something to the table and I have enjoyed playing through each of them multiple times. The PS4 release of God of War acts as a welcome refresh for the series, helping redefine and reimagine what this franchise can be. Not all of it works, but at its core it is still very much a God of War game and very much a continuation of the story of Kratos.His personality is mellowed out, probably in no small part due to him n...

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A serene trip down memory lane. 0

It is always impressive when a piece of media can make you feel multiple emotions without any dialogue. Old Man's Journey is a story driven game that tells its narrative entirely through imagery. The art and soundtrack work in tandem to create a serene experience as an old man goes on a journey and recalls events in his life. Gameplay is comprised of very simple point and click puzzles that serve as an excuse to allow you to spend some time in each environment. The game is simple to play and doe...

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It feels like an early to mid 90s game. 2

I have no nostalgia for Sonic. I had a SNES and followed that up with a PS-One and never owned any of the Sega consoles. Even when Sonic games went multiplatform I never bought any of the games. I might have spent a few seconds playing the originals whenever I would buy a Sega game collection but I never got deep into it because I didn't like the controls and why would I waste time playing Sonic when I could spend that time playing Comix Zone instead? So anyway, Sonic Mania was getting talked up...

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A flawed gem worth playing. 1

Let me begin by giving a little bit of background on my experience with this franchise just in case that helps put this review in perspective. This is the first game in the Zelda franchise I have ever played from start to finish. The only other mainline Zelda game I have played was Wind Waker, which I didn't finish because it felt like I had spent a lot of time playing without making any progress and like 90% of my time was spent in a village talking to people after more than five hours. I did l...

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As accessible as it is charming. 0

I am one of those people that likes the idea of fighting games more than the actual act of playing them. I love me some Mortal Kombat and can get down with the occasional King of Fighters or Marvel vs Capcom game. That said, I have never been very good at consistently inputting combo commands in the heat of battle because of a slight finger slip or whatever. And that sucks. I always get bummed out when I know what I am supposed to do and can see it in my brain but I fumble the execution of the i...

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The definition of a perfect portable game. 1

At first glance it may appear that this is just another half-baked console port coming to a Sony handheld. This is not at all the case. It is clear that NetherRealm has really taken time into making sure that the Vita version of Mortal Kombat is every bit as great as the console versions, and then some. The Vita version includes all of the DLC from the console versions of the game as well as some additional new costumes.The roster of characters is huge and while everyone is unlocked from the get...

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