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Best of 2013

I don't play games the year they come out. I mean, I make enough money to take care of myself and pay off student loans, I just usually don't value a game enough to want to spend $60 on it when I know in a few months it will be $30. That's something that I got from my very frugal parents and it's something that has been very useful in the past. It's also something that destroys me when Steam sales come along. How could I NOT buy Super Hexagon for 20 cents? According to Giantbomb's wiki, I only played 11 games that came out this year that I actually like or played enough of to care about. That's super sad, but I have a lot to catch up with. Here's a list of games that could/would probably be on this list if I made it next year: Ni No Kuni, Saints Row IV, Grand Theft Auto V, The Last of Us, Amnesia: Machine for Pigs, Beyond Two Souls, and MANY MORE!!!

Anyways, I got a gaming PC a few months ago and started playing games from this year on it!!! It's actually been really nice and has helped me feel a new type of immersion I wouldn't feel on my PS3. Here's ten games that did that!!! [This list is still highly a work in progress]

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  • I played so many games vs. bots this year that it would be a sin not to put it at #1, especially considering the rest of the list.

  • I don't care what anyone says, I like the combat. The story was great an confusing, there were a few moments where I got really excited with where the story is going, and jesus the game looks good.

  • It's just really fun, looks really pretty, and controls well.

  • I clicked a lot of cookies this year. And it was good.

  • Super disappointing campaign and the multiplayer get worse and worse. I hate Sc2 for killing Brood War and I hate how the arcade/ custom maps system is somehow even worse in this update. The game runs badly on my computer (which can run everything else at max settings), but it's still fun. It's mostly this high because of WoL.

  • I got into Magic this year and this game let me play it without buying cards I would never use.

  • Fun little puzzle game that I bought on a whim.

  • I suck at Rogue Legacy. A lot. But its a great premise and idea.

  • Would be higher if it wasn't so nervewracking that I play more of it. I will say its a great game to play with friends over.

  • Hilarious and includes my love of typing.