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What would make Mortal Kombat perfect for me?

I love Mortal Kombat. As in, I LOVE Mortal Kombat. Started playing Mortal Kombat: Trilogy at the age of 7 (probably not the best thing to do), and sti

 The infamous logo
The infamous logo
ll play it occasionally. I never was any good at it either, but it was one of the few games where I'd get my ass consistently beat and yet I'd continuously play the game. Got Mortal Kombat II from PSN, loved that, and spent more than a fair share of time playing Deception and Armageddon (Yes, Armageddon, the game everybody felt was lackluster but which I loved to death-mainly because of it's Kreate-a-Kombatant. My Breeze didn't like to lose. Armageddon was better than MK vs DC, anyway).
  And then a new gen Mortal Kombat was announced-in case you haven't heard, yes, a new Mortal Kombat has been announced. And from everything I've seen, it looks awesome. It's almost as if Ed Boon got Leonardo DiCaprio to extract my Mortal Kombat dreams from my mind and used them to make this new game. And yet, there are definitely things that I'd want from that game that haven't been announced yet.
  Mind you, these aren't big things at all. I'm definitely getting this game along with the few million the remember the golden age of fighting. But these small things would just excite me to no end.
  Some of these are throwbacks to the old games, some throwbacks to the new. None of them are things that I have invented-all of these things have been in a Mortal Kombat before. I'm putting them in order of importance to me-the first being least important, the last being most.
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Armageddon style Konquest

 Does anybody remember the Armageddon Konquest? You, as Taven, would play an almost God of War-esque adventure, beating up bad guys, and whenever you met someone of any importance, you'd go into a battle of true Mortal Kombat. I thought it was one of the best things about this game, and as such, completed the Konquest 3 times. Fighting around in the Lin Kuei palace, finding the secret Frost-it was all very interesting. The ways you would die were often very brutal, as was the kombat (Amirite?). 
  Does anybody remember the Deception Konquest? You, as Shujinko, would run around and fight characters in Mortal Kombat everytime. It was repetitive and boring for me, and the only reason I did it was to get all the characters.
  If Netherrealm Studios made a new Konquest, I would much rather have it Armageddon-like than Deception-like. On the other hand, I can imagine an Armageddon-like Konquest taking much time, which may make the core fighting of the game a bit less polished than it would be.
Chances of this happening=3 out of 10.
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 I can imagine a lot of people disagreeing with this. Havik, if you don't know, is a character from Deception and a cleric in Chaosrealm. He feels no pain, and his storyline in Deception revolved around him eating Onaga's heart so that he could gain Onaga's powers. The problem with this overall idea is that the chance of just Havik coming to the fight are insanely slim-but he felt like a good addition to the Mortal Kombat roster. He was a very weird character to play with, and he was definitely not your average character. Pretty much every other new character in Deception (with the exception of Noob-Smoke, if that counts) I hated. It was just this one guy.
Chances of this happening=2 out of 10
 Mileena Hara-Kiri in MK Deception
Mileena Hara-Kiri in MK Deception

Hara Kiris over Friendships and Babalities

 Let me get this clear, I hate Friendships and Babalities. I never did them-why would I friendship when I can rip the guy's head off? And Babalities? When I first saw this on a Supreme Demonstration in Mortal Kombat: Trilogy, I thought I had just glitched the game. I asked a dude that knew this game almost religiously, a great chap by the name of Noel, who said 'yeah...'. He then beat me and proceeded to Babality me. And I, the loser, felt unsatisfied.
 So when I played Deception, I had heard rumours of not only Babalities and Friendships, but also Nudalities, where the fighters would strip naked. And I believed them. So when I got to round 4 in Arcade of Deception, I did not expect this:
  A Hara Kiri is when the loser kills himself when he has to be finished. And I loved most of them. A Fatality gave me three things when I did them:
  • Satisfaction-taking off some guys limbs gave you a feeling that only you can get from mutilation
  • Disbelief-The WTF moment you get from ripping someone in half
  • The Humiliation of the Loser-Not only did he get beat, but he just lost his heart.
A Hara Kiri satisfied most of these, much moreso than a Friendship or a Babality. On the other hand, I feel as if I'm in the minority, and Friendships and Babalities are probably more reknowned with the MK franchise.
Chances of this happening (sadly)=0 out of 10

Supreme Demonstration

 Supreme Demonstration-watch every Fatality in the game. Awesome show. Good thing to relax to.
Chances of this happening=5 out of 10
Finally, my most important one:
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An Overpowered and Unplayable Shao Kahn

  The Final Fight against Shao Kahn. One of the hardest things you'll probably ever do in gaming. This guy was brutal. Then every 3D game, he sucked. His moves sucked, there were recovery and start up times on his moves which sucked anyway, and he didn't take away nearly enough. I miss the green shoulder barges and the hammer and the taunts that were vintage Kahn. And I want him back. Hopefully with a return to the roots, Shao Kahn will be as unbeatable as ever.
Chances of this happening=6 out of 10
Hopefully you all enjoyed the read. Happy hunting! 

Beloved in-game music, multiplayer, pleasant surprises, and more!

It's been a while since I blogged. Guess there have been a few reasons for that-haven't had much to talk about, tests, and my brother to name a few. Still, I felt the time was ripe. My personal favourite blog by myself was inspired by AjayRaz-a blog about my favourite pieces of in-game music. Throughout the time I haven't blogged, I've heard some sweet music, and some great covers. As well as this, I'll give you some good offline multiplayer options for your PS3 needs, and some good prices for some upcoming games! I aim to please!

Multiplayer Mayhem

Let's be honest, there isn't a lot of offline multiplayer options around. Many games have started to go for an online multiplayer approach to accomodate the recent online-enabling gadgets and gizmos we have today. I found this out the hard way-after searching for an offline multiplayer, I had found a game I took interest in-Transformers: War for Cybertron. A game that made me incredibly disappointed when I found out it did not actually have offline multiplayer. My heart cried-a Transformers game with three teammates always with you and no offline multiplayer? So I asked you people and did some research myself and found other games that would be fun to play with a mate or a sibling. These are in no particular order, and these are only judged on their offline multiplayer experience-play on your own and you might find it a different experience altogether.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1&2

 Round a sleepover I played and completed MUA2 with one of my best mates, and I played MUA1 thrice with my brother. Both of them are great with a mate (although I would highly recommend you getting MUA1 first-I found it more enjoyable and it teaches you the basics a bit better)-there a vast majority of characters to unleash the inner hero/villian in you!

Fat Princess

 In one of their latest updates, Santa Monica put local multiplayer into this game. As a result, it's a great game to play with a group of friends. With up to four player co-op, it's easy to get some teamwork going. Nothing is more rewarding then getting that princess via tactic assaults with your mates.


 This game has online and offline local multiplayer for up to 2 players. Again, tactics can be made once again, and very easily. I remember once case where my friend, an ace pilot in the game, would lure opposing Warhawks to my anti-air cannon, where they'd meet their untimely demise. See, in a game like Warhawk, they won't expect a lot of teamwork. You have the element of surprise.

Super Street Fighter IV

 I love this game. If I knew a dude who played this game as much as I did locally, I would have a blast playing it with him. I still do, however, have a blast with my brother. He doesn't play the game a lot, but it's accessible and fun. It's a bit like Pokemon-easy to get into, but hard to master (a quote from a Giantbomber whose name I cannot recall)

Joeeeee Danngerr!

Joe Danger can be wacky fun with a friend. As well as the set list of levels made, you can also make your own, which can mean limitless amounts of fun.


 A game I loved so much that it is the only platinum game I have, it also has offline multiplayer with up to 3 dudes. Yes, it does have multiplayer.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed

 A favourite for many of my mates, this remake has some great multiplayer components. The campaign, for one, and they also have a nifty deathmatch mode for up to four player. Mindless, addictive fun. I just hope the sequel is as good.
That's the end for some offline multiplayer madness.

How 'bout some tunes?

 As a pianist, I often come across some music that is exceptional. Normally crazy piano pieces, although I often enjoy other pieces as well. The three I'm gonna show are all pretty fantastic, from least to most favourite. So sit back, relax, and hear the genius from these guys.
  So this is Chrono Trigger's Wind. One of the things that Chrono Trigger was acclaimed for was an exceptional score, and this is its highlight.
One of my friends-kid by the name of Alex-told me to learn this song on piano. And I am doing so. A very touching piece-the guy who plays it here, doufu89, is a great pianist and is recommended for some cooldown tunes. As is makhonkit.
  This is my favourite. A few errors with over-pedalling, but its just so, so good. One of my favourite in-game songs and a great cover of it.

And finally...

 Simply put, you name me the country and the game, and I will give you the cheapest price I know. Your choice which game-just don't give me too much of a crazy amount, alright?
Have fun gaming, dudes!
Dbz1995/Samir Dewan

The Zone

What is 'The Zone'?

'The Zone' is a phrase I use commonly when speaking my native language, playing piano or playing games. It is basically a phase you go into when doing these things where everything you do becomes second nature. Your fingers, or your mouth, or your feet have a mind of their own, but try and interrupt it, and you fall out of 'The Zone', normally losing focus and making a mistake of some kind.
 Let's put this into some perspective. You are playing Modern Warfare 2 (or BFBC2 for those people saying 'haha! Why the hell would I play that shit!') and you see a guy. You shoot him and he dies. Did you think before pressing the R1/Right Trigger button? Did you aim? Did you think? 'The Zone' controls you here, like Soviet Russia would. 

Who has 'The Zone'?

First off, that is what I want to find out. I know I get 'The Zone', but whether that is a good thing or not we will find out. My belief is that by practising, you gain your inner self, you inner Zone. And it is he, not you, who plays the game, or kicks the ball, or does the test. 

When does 'The Zone' occur?

Again, it depends. If you play something non-stop, you'll eventually get into 'The Zone' whenever you play it. However, the first time you do something, chances are there won't be a 'Zone'. The 'Zone' has to establish a variety of things, such as:
  • The boundaries, the rules
  • The set thing you wish to do
  • How you do it

Is 'The Zone' a good thing?

You'd think so, wouldn't you? I mean, having the ability to do something absent-mindedly helps your reaction time for the specific thing that 'The Zone' does. No need to think, you'll shoot and aim automatically.
 However, there are a lot of problems with 'The Zone'. Probably the largest one is the fact that 'the Zone' isn't adaptable. The Zone will only work one way-like a robot. Let's say you make a robot run from A to B, where A to B is a straight line. Now, if a wall is suddenly formed between A and B, the robot, unless programmed, will not be able to get round the wall. And here is the problem with 'The Zone'.
 Another problem? It is hard to alter a phase of 'The Zone'. Let's say you play the piano, and you play a song. After playing it for one year, you find out that one note is different. Everytime you play that song, you have to ensure that that note is correct. If you think about it too much, you will never reach the complete tranquility required to enter 'The Zone', but don't think about it at all and you'll just play the wrong note.

OH SHI...What do I do?

There are remedies to the problems of 'The Zone'. Whilst it is difficult to change things within 'The Zone', it is NOT difficult to add things in. Again, use the analogy of Modern Warfare 2. You shoot everybody and you run out of ammo. What do you do? The best thing you can do is get a gun from a fallen enemy or comrade. By doing this a number of times, it should become programmed into your 'Zone'. Essentially that is what Modern Warfare competitive battling is-the effeciency and strategy of your 'Zone'. Obviously everybody will have different Zones, either to counteract the faults of the weapon used like recoil (shooting less bullets in a row) or large reload time (find a place to hide). 
So, basically, 'The Zone' is a very intriguing thing. Maybe you haven't thought about it before, maybe I'm just crazy or demented or enlightened with 'the Zone'. But to understand 'The Zone' is like understanding hitboxes in Street Fighter. It will help you with the basic background of your hobby to make you more effecient. To become a better SF player, you might want to know about hitboxes-the same way that you should find out your own Zone and make it a perfect cog within your engine.

My Street Frighters (Amirite)

Ok, so basically, I'm going to get SSFIV, and I can't wait. But, getting ready, I'm coming under some problems, physical and mental. Anybody care to help?

1) What if I suck

So I've been thinking...what if I suck? What if I'm not just bad, I am SO bad that within the circle of badness I go from 'so bad it's bad' to 'so bad it's good' to 'so bad it's bad it's bad'? What'll happen then? I'd much rather play with some mates than play some AI-and I hate not being good at a game.    

2) My finger problem

 I've also got another problem though. I play with the tip of my thumb, right? For some reason, when I play for an hour or so, I get some big-ass blister which eventually cuts. As a result, I've got massive cuts on the tip of my left thumb, so I can't play SF properly. And I can't play any other way-tried playing differently, but I just don't get the same execution. It's my directional button finger. And it hurts.


 You know what? I hate, hate, HATE Blanka. I just cannot beat him. A Balrog on SSFIIHDR I can take-hell, I can even take AKUMA on in Medium mode. But I cannot beat Blanka without dying 5 or 6 times. Damn fool.

 Also I want a main that is:
  • Rarely used
  • That very few people on Giantbomb play
  • Not a charge character
  • Not Gen (Because CannedHedgehogs and GetEveryone are far FAR too good)


A slight dilemma.

Playing the Heavy Rain demo, enjoying it immensely and seeing the mostly positive reviews on it, I really want this game. I loved Metal Gear Solid 4, a prime example of a gaming 'cinematic' experience, and this seems to be made of the same meat (which means its an awesome sandwich in itself). However, I don't have enough money to buy this game as well as another game I want. Super Street Fighter IV.
 If I was the only person in the world with these two games, I'd probably pick Heavy Rain, but my Giantbomb brethren are all getting SSFIV and I want to kill and be killed without a gun. What do you guys think? I may disregard Pessh's statement.


AjayRaz has indirectly kicked my ass and Strange Killstreaks

So what's this title about? Well, I was talking to AjayRaz, and AjayRaz being AjayRaz posts pictures of Ayane and other women of DOA2 on our discussion. Out of nowhere like a ninja, my mum walks in. My mum sees the pictures, and with a steely glint, proceeds to slap me in the face. This is what happens being friends with a lover of all things DOA.
 Now then, another topic that has come into my mind are the killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2. Who here uses Counter-UAVs over Care Packages? EMPs? Helicopters? The

 I'll be watching you.
 I'll be watching you.

majority of people use one over another, and I know nobody who uses EMP as a killstreak. At first, I thought that Harriers and Helicopters were pretty balanced, maybe a shade in the Harrier's direction. Then a Harrier proceeded to destroy my Pablo-I mean, Pave Low. I just don't understand-the Harrier is better in almost all aspects (though helicopters may be thought of as better in Hardcore Search and Destroy), and it also gets that awesome ability? Meanwhile, we have Counter-UAVs, which almost nobody uses. There are very limited uses. EMPs interest me-I say if you are going for an EMP you might as well just get the nuke and be done with it.
 My solution? Power the weaker ones or nerf the stronger ones. Harriers being an 8 kill streak instead might change a lot-maybe making Helicopters having a Harrier's power and vice versa would probably change moreso. I say that EMPs should last the rest of the round-makes everything a bit more interesting. Counter-UAVs should be 3 kill streaks, not 4, because their sole point (pretty much) is to eliminate UAVs by other players, so why not make them the same amount of kills? 
 Obviously this is all my opinion, and debate should follow below. Until then, I shall be off-it is England over here in England and it is late. I bid you farewells, my youngers and elders. To the Samirichamber!

My favourite pieces of in-game music

After looking through my friend's  soundtrack, I thought to myself and the beautiful music pieces I have heard in game. Some, you may know straight off the bat. Some, you might have forgotten. Some are, in my opinion, the best pieces of music within a game ever. I'm pretty sure one of these has the best soundtracks within a game, just not sure which one.

Let's start off with a ninja song. No, not Ayane

  Apart from being my favourite game of the Genesis and one of my favourites of all time, Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master had an awesome soundtrack. Listening to this whilst on a horse shooting rapid fast ninjas with kunai and dodging random fences whilst gaining lives and powerups and avoiding spears and shuriken is mad crazy, but awesome.  If you haven't played this game, do so. The rest of the soundtrack is great as well-just not as good as any of the others

How about some HYPE

  The piece I've chosen is regarded by many as the worst piece from Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix-but I beg to differ. Maybe it's because I never played Street Fighter II (GASP) and didn't hear Vega's original music, but this, I thought, was fantastic music. Great game as well (though my friends think it's horrible). Although, the guitar solo in the song below should be pretty damn hyped, too. In fact, screw that-the next song is the best song in SSFIITHDR.
  Clamato Fever-the very definition of getting hype.

How about some Rock N Roll now?

Now this game was great. Whilst it took me forever to find this game again, mainly because its name was so obvious that I thought it couldn't be this game, it was well worth it, just for this song.

SEGA had something to say about this as well...

  Whilst the soundtrack was nowhere near as good as Rock 'N' Roll Racing, the main theme was still effin' ace.

Techno Time!

  Whilst not in any console game I know, it is in a fair amount of flash games, and it is technorgasmic.

Now for some of the best lesser-know soundtrack music, like, ever

  Completely different from every other song on this, a very sad and emotional song. If you get something Naruto, chances are you get good music as well-and this game is no exception. Hopefully the sequel (which has been announced-thanks for the heads up xyzygy) will continue this amazing score. There are more upbeat songs to this fighting game, and this one was from the end credits. One of my favourite PS3 games, one of my favourite fighting games, my favourite fighting anime game-this game wins a lot of rewards from myself.  

Newer Music: Another ninja enters the stage!

  It's kind of hard to choose one from DOA2's sound track, because all of it is pretty good. I guess the reason I put Ayane's track is to keep the crowd happy and probably also because it is the first DOA2 track I had heard.

Does this count as in-game music? It doesn't matter. This song is epic.

  Thanks to vidiot for this awesome tune. Mass Effect 2 is starting to get me worried. Every game that has not come out on the PS3 I've been fine with-I don't really need Halo 3, and whilst Gears of War does look hella awesome, I've already played it. But this game-this game is making me irritated as to how awesome it seems to be. And this launch trailer tune is outstanding. As in, actually outstanding. The word 'epic' is not one I use lightly-but it is the only way I can truely convey my feelings towards this song.
 I might put in another update-I'll be sure to inform you guys if I do.

Ah, Good Times.

  Whenever we went into the Velvet Room in the ER, I'd always try and listen to this song, because I love it. It's pretty grand and fits very well with the Velvet Room theme.

Let's get some more modern hype in here, shall we?

  Whilst I enjoy the HDR version more, this version is very good as well. A lot of people didn't like the HDRemix version of Vega because they felt that it didn't fit with him and his fighting. Capcom obviously listened and came up with this. And it's great.

My quest to find a game. I need help!

When I was a young lad, I played a game at a friends house-I enjoyed that game to hell, and it's soundtrack was awesome. Alas, dear readers, I had left that home and the game within, and soon forgotten. But lo and behold! I started humming the tune today-and remembered the game in all it's glory. Except one thing. Its name.
 Does anybody know a SNES or Sega driving game with a rock/metal soundtrack, with weapons and other gadgets to destroy yourcompetition? If so, please do tell.


My latest thoughts

  • Tis the day before school today. :( So long, days spent relaxing!
  • It's the day before my friend's birthday
  • Nathan Drake's looks are not what they seem. A.K.A Nathan Drake is Superman
  • Steam actually has a decent live messenger
  • They should make a Killer Instinct 3
  • I don't understand any of Braid
  • Braid is the best puzzle game on PS3
  • I do not understand Japanese
  • Japanese games are crazy
  • Signing into a Japanese MMO is harder than you think, especially when the text is in Japanese
  • The princess is actually never in a castle
  • I prefer Batman to Uncharted 2
  • Uncharted 2 is still seriously awesome.
  • Everybody in Uncharted 2 has AK-47s
  • If you go on top of trains, you'll hit a metal bar and die
  • If you fall off the train, you will die
  • My brother is very good at dying in obvious ways
  • In Demon's Souls, you'll get by with a little help from your friends.
  • Zero Suit Samus annoys me
  • Old King Allant would make a great Jedi
  • Daryl is an awesome person
  • A helicopter in the sky is never friendly
  • Uncharted 2s train level reminds me of Timesplitter: Future Perfect
  • The helicopter just proves my point
  • Yurt the Silent Chief is a bitch
  • Demon's Souls is scary
  • My heart goes to Giantbomb
  • MW2 30 killstreak-you nuke somebody elses game. The ultimate pisstake
These are the thoughts of everyday life.

New Year Blog! (Blog Post)

Merry Christmas, everybody! I'll give you all a Christmas Present-a Blog! It isn't as crap a present as 99p clothes, is it? So be happy.
  So let's start with:

Things that I'll be looking forward to next year

 All the God of Wars are basically Kratos takin' no shit. He ain't gonna in this one neither, dawg.
 All the God of Wars are basically Kratos takin' no shit. He ain't gonna in this one neither, dawg.


  I'll be honest-until this year, I hadn't played any God of War. However, I imported God of War Collection from America and it is pretty damn awesome. I've always been a fan of almost button-mashy games that reward you with awesome attacks, but God of War ticks that box and adds so much more. And the taster that is the E3 demo made me feel all hyped up.


 Despite what KaosAngel is now saying about it, I'm still hyped up for this game. I personally love FF games (even XII, although I never finished it D:) and FFXIII looks as good as any. Melodrama FTW


 I was really interested in Street Fighter IV, but never got round to actually buying it for a number of reasons. Still, maybe it was a blessing in disguise, since now that SSF is coming out, I can get some good hype and hopefully kick some ass. If not, back to MK vs DC!


 MAG looks like it has great potential-the maps are great, skill trees are interesting, and there are a fair number of people playing at a time to make it feel like real war. Hopefully they'll polish the game out a bit, and make the audio a bit more...painful.


 Blowing up things and driving looks insane and fun. Hopefully Split/Second's mechanics will allow a balance between booms and vrooms. Amirite?


 Medal of Honor in a modern setting looks cool. Whilst some people may regard this game as a complete copy of the game Modern Warfare 2, who the hell cares if it kicks more ass than it? I know I don't. Most of the people on Giantbomb don't (I think). Anybody elses opinion is invalid.


 Yes, it looks like God of War. See Medal of Honor section for more detail.



 I hope this game is as good as my Japanese friends say it is.


  Another game that looks beyond awesome...although whether it will be my multiplayer game over MW2 is debatable.


 I don't care if you anally rape me with a lightsaber penis, this game looks good and it may be one of the best of '10.


 I finally finished all the Fire Emblems, so I'm going to go into every character and type what they are good at, their stat gains, and possible supports. 


 I loved Iron Man, and I don't know why. So I hope the next one is as good as, if not better than, its prequel.

Things I hope will come out next year



I could say something that has been said over 9000 times here, but I won't.
I could say something that has been said over 9000 times here, but I won't.


 An MK Kollection (See what I did with the C there?) Wouold be nice-no need to vamp up the older games' gameplay, just add an online mode. Also, put an MK9 demo in there. Which leads to my third thing...


 I love Mortal Kombat. I know a fair few people who love Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe got the 2D-3D fighting system formula right, now put in the gore, add in some more characters, a Kharacter Kostumisation, a few fatalities, and a competent story mode, and I will buy the hell out of that.
 Even an MK vs DC 2 would be nice.


  For those who haven't played it, for me, Ultimate Ninja Storms fighting system was ace. It was fast, fluent, over-the-top, and ninja-ey. Yet the complete lack of anything else and a sometimes hectic story mode took the experience away. A new Naruto: Ultimate Ninja
 Seriously folks, if you like anime/Naruto, I would advise you to buy this game.
 Seriously folks, if you like anime/Naruto, I would advise you to buy this game.
Strom would be real nice to have, possibly following from the Shippuden series. Also, in b4 'Anime is for Jerks'


 Something that I can look forward to once I finish a hard day's worth of school.
Anyway, I hope you all LIVE UNTIL THE END OF THIS YEAR. Merry Christmas!



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